Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blogging Habits

Today I was reading some blogs about effective blogging and how to improve your blog, etc. etc. etc. and ya know, according to all that stuff, this blog is all wrong. Bummer, but know what else? I don't care. LOL. This blog is mine, its for my own personal pleasure and I'll write what I want to write. And if YOU, whoever you are, that might happen to be reading this, happen to find some bit of quirky fun out of reading it, well, thats just twice the fun. To me, thats the whole point of blogging.

No offence to any "professional" bloggers, but being "professional" about it and all that, just makes it seem like work. I don't like pressure...just like I don't like deadlines.

Guess this will just have to be a mostly random, slightly (okay, maybe a little more than slightly) loony, very fun, and highly unprofessional blog....too bad, huh?

Pictures from NY

This is my dad and Aunt M. She's my great aunt twice (because she's my grandpa's sister and my grandma's brother's wife....brother and sister married brother and sister....if that makes any sense). Anyways, she's the same as I remember, only older, just like everyone else I got to see this weekend.

This is my grandma at the conservatory. I'm not sure if the conservatory was part of highlands park or not, but it was very close by in any case. This is my favorite picture of grandma.

Me an KC at the conservatory. This cool old log had two seats carved out of it. It was neat....

I don't know though, THIS might win my favorite picture slot...I can't help but laugh everytime I look at this picture. I was holding the camera out and grandma thought I was trying to show her something on the camera. I didn't see her face until I looked at the picture and then I cracked up. So the second picture I was cracking up and grandma was humoring me. *GRIN*

This was from our day at Letchworth State Park. We took a picnic lunch up there and hiked up to the falls. This picture is above one of the falls (actually its a small falls behind that feeds into the big falls). This is my Aunt M, Uncle M (dad's brother), and their son, L (my cousin). He's a cute kid!

More pictures coming...just haven't got them uploaded yet. Also there are some pictures of the falls and other stuff from the trip over on my photo blog.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Back Home

Well...we made it back in one piece. No missing luggage, no flight problems, no car trouble. Smooth...just the way I like it. As I expected, no internet access all weekend, though. I wish there had been, or at least that I'd taken a notebook along, b/c several times I found myself writing in my head and nothing to put it on to remember it. I told myself I'd remember cuz I had to, but...guess what?! I don't. I just remember having some brilliant thoughts and now I don't remember what they were. LOL. Weekend went well, all in all. We got to see some of my family that I haven't seen in a few years and spend some time with my grandma, so it was good. I'll come back and post some pics and maybe that writing in my head if I remember it later.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Saw a topic over on SJ from Beth and thought I'd use it here.

If you could reinvent yourself, what traits would you take away and give yourself? Who would you become?

Okay.....you've probably figured out which one I'm gonna list first that I'd take away....the procrastination thing. Next would be my impatience and my clutziness (definitely get rid of those), and maybe that whole "innocent thing" that tends to get me in trouble. After that, I don't know. I kind of like myself except for a few random traits already mentioned. Not in a stuck on myself, cocky, kind of way, but in a "happy to be in my own skin" kinda way. I don't think I'd do a very good job of becoming and trying to be someone else. Really....I've spent 23 years trying to figure out how to be who I've turned into (my mom...LOL...JUST KIDDIN...that hasn't happened yet, although I have heard select statements pop unexpectedly out of my mouth and freak me out at random moments...LOL) so why would I want to start the process again? No thanks. I would really like to add a few traits though....like a little bit more musical talent, particularly piano and voice, and maybe a little extra creativity.

Funny thing is, I can and am working on those traits I wanna get rid of...but those I want to add...well, they're the kind you're either born with or you're not (pretty much anyways) and I've done about all I can do to improve what I WAS born with. Oh well.

I'm feeling rather retrospective today. I think it started when I tried to figure out if I was forgetting anything....cuz I almost always do...but then once I get started down memory lane, I have a hard time backing up (hehehehe....I really shouldn't laugh here, since the damages of my backing up issues haven't been paid for yet...but....hehehehe anyways). Anyways...I was driving to work this morning and I guess it was just because my mind was thinking in the past tense, but I drove by the airport road and had instant flashbacks. I really thought I was finally getting past those...but when I realized where my mind was wandering to, I pulled it back to the present where it belongs. Sometimes I just shake my head at myself. I'd be a lot happier if I could just forget some things. But no...she forgets her glasses, her phone, all these important things, and remembers other things. I'm shaking my head at myself now. LOL. *siiiiiigh*

Here's a card I did yesterday for my really good friend (who doesn't read this blog, so I'm safe). This isn't a great picture, but I love how the card turned out in real life. I'm gonna make some more of these with different colors....the idea came from my last issue of PaperCrafts...I modified it a bit (of course) but the idea is the same. =)

Might post later on this weekend, if I have internet access at my grandma's house. If not, then have a great weekend and you'll see me when ya see me. And this post is long enough...so....


Thursday, May 25, 2006

See...what did I tell you?

This is what I meant by my procrastination issues. Its 7 minutes til five...do you THINK I could post earlier in the day when I'd have more time to think about what I'm sayin? NoOoOoO....she has to put it off til the VERY LAST MINUTE. This IS a serious problem, people. How do you fix something of this magnitude?

Ah well...other things to say...went down to studio b today and watched a live bluegrass band...Hit And Run Bluegrass. They were pretty cool. The vocals were awesome. Pickin was great, too....anyways, that was a fun part of the day. Went downhill afterwards, for reasons I won't go into here as this is a PUBLIC blog and who knows who might read it...but thats beside the point.

Lalala...plans for tonight...gotta run down to wally-world, pick up some shampoo and stuff before our sweet lil side trip up north this weekend and some food for tonight, and then home to spend the night with the girlfriends. CV (the girl I work with) is going home with me tonight and my friend K is coming over and bringin her lil boy who is the reason we are getting together. K's hubby and my hubby are both working late, so tonight is a good night to get together. We're gonna work on her lil boy's one year birthday party invitations...they are sooo cute. Her theme is from that kids book about the caterpillar....sorry, the exact name is escaping me...if you have kids, you probably know what I'm talking about...I think its pretty popular.

Anyways, 5:00! Gotta run...CV IS WAITING......=) LATER PEOPLE!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hurray! Time to head out!

Just thought I'd hop on here really quick and say hey, since I'm sure you've really missed me in the last day and a half. (RiGhT...you probably didn't even notice that I didn't post, huh? LOL) Anyways, I was sick yesterday and doing other things here at work today but I did want to make a quick post.

I got the second quote on my car today...looks like I might be on "beans and rice" type meals for more than six months. *SIGH* This guy said $450 (IF he didn't have to replace the bumper). I'm going to get a guy to get the third quote to make sure these guys aren't trying to gyp me cuz I'm a woman. We shall see....if they are, it will only reinforce my opinion of the scumminess of the average male.

I need something random really quick....I haven't had anything really...RANDOM in a while. I think its time again. Okay think fast (I have 4 minutes).....

Got it...this is one of my most hated personality traits: I procrastinate. How does somebody FIX that problem? I can't stand it. I always try to do better, and really, I do okay about being on time, I just can't get things DONE on time. If I have a deadline, you better best believe it will be done about 5 minutes AFTER the deadline has passed. If I don't have a deadline, well...it might get done sometime. Maybe. So I have to get over this. Ya know, maybe I'll think about this later....I don't have a deadline....except that its 5:00....which means I can go...I like that deadline.

LATER................... =) =) =)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Another Fun Monday

Well...its rainy. Rainy = sleepy. I wish I were home in bed right about now. *sigh* I wish there were some other way of watering the earth besides rain....its incredibly depressing. Guess I'm probably one of those people who wouldn't survive in Seattle. LOL. For sure, I wouldn't be classified as SLEEPLESS in Seattle...with all the gloomy weather I've heard they have, I'd probably be HIBERNATED in Seattle....ROFL!

Anyways, I got the first quote on repairs for my poor damaged Honda. Really nice guy....I think he probably gave me as good a price as I'll get anywhere. $400 was the ballpark figure. According to my calculations, if I eat beans and rice for lunch and bring drinks and snacks from home instead of using the vending machine, then I'm saving approximately $15-20 a week and at that rate, in about six months I should be able to pay for the repairs. LOL. Good thing I don't mind beans and rice huh? Ask me how I feel about them in six months...I'm betting (if I gambled that is) that I won't feel quite the same then. *GRIN*

So, there's not a whole lot else to say. I added some new photos to my gallery. Some formal ones for a change of pace. Thats about all thats happenin! So I'm back off to work now...


Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Better Part of My Saturday

Okay...I was going to come back last night and post this, but KC ended up wanting to go out last night to the lovely hotspot of Walmart...LOL. That and grocery shopping. I had to stock up on beans and rice since thats about all my lunches are going to consist of for the next 3 months. Its either that or cut out my scrapping budget, and I'm sure not gonna do that, so the lunch money is going to go. *GRIN* Gotta pay for car repairs somehow. *SIGH*

Okay on that depressing note, lets get on to the real topic of this post. I went back to my cousins house for another scrap day. It was just three of us yesterday, but I had a good time anyways. I got two whole pages done (wow, huh?)

Anyways, this is the first page of it, which I like, but I think I'm going to change part of the second page (so I'm not going to post it). I tried that new trend of doodling on your pages....I did the second page first, so when I came back and doodled on the first page, I'd had practice so I was happier with the results. The "practice" doodling didn't turn out so hot. BUT, I am a bit of a perfectionist, so it probably isn't that bad, I'M just not happy with it. This page, though, I like. You can't really see the doodling on the pink paper all that well in the picture...I tried to darken it a little in photoshop, but I couldn't get it to show up much. You can see the doodling around the journalling though. I kind of like this technique. Its a lot easier than some other things and pretty cheap, too. *Grin*

I've got to spend some more time scrapping though, this was the first set of pictures I have put in this years album and last years only goes through May...LOL. Naughty me. On the bright side though, I did get this page completely finished...I'm terrible to scrap a page and leave the journalling off, and think I'll go back later and do it....and later never happens. *sigh* Last years pages (before May) need a lot of journalling done.

One thing I have noticed, however, is that journalling is much easier since I have started writing on this blog. To me, this blog is sort of like journalling without the scrapbook....and its making it more comfortable to journal IN the scrapbook.

Well, anyways, nuff said for today. Gotta get moving...we have to go up to my mother-in-law's before church to pick up some plants...


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Life Is So Not Fair

Can somebody please tell me why that ol' Murphy dude seems to love messing in my life so much? I am NOT kidding, I think I'm jinxed. Other people don't pay attention, say dumb things, do dumb things, get careless...and so on (you get the picture) and NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. WHY then, when I try to be so careful, do things always happen to me? When I'm careless, or when I don't pay attention, something bad always happens. GOOD GRIEF. So by now, I'm sure you are wondering what I'm talking about. LOL. I'll give you the shortened version...99% of the time, when I back out of the garage, I'm the only one home, hence, no other cars to worry about until I get to the road, right? So today...1% of the time happened. I zip out of the garage as usual, only I didn't look back to see what I could hit...and slammed right into KC's truck. His bumper is fine....my car is dented and scraped pretty bad. And do you think he could say something like, "its okay, accidents happen" or "don't worry honey, it isn't that bad".....NO, he says "i've told you a million times to LOOK before you back out of the garage" and "everytime you don't pay attention you cost me money, you've got to start paying attention" Like I don't feel bad enough about the whole thing...ANYWAYS. I'm done feeling bad about it...and besides...if he was real sweet about it, I'd probably feel worse...this way I get over it faster....LOL. BUT, if you have a story to share of how you weren't paying attention and something dumb happened, I'd love to hear about it so I won't feel quite so stupid here. *GRIN*

I'll come back and tell you about the rest of my day later (which was much better than the beginning of my day)

so....LATER. =)

Friday, May 19, 2006

I Hate Headaches

Especially when they are persistent (and resistant to medicine). *sigh* I woke up this morning about 45 minutes earlier than usual just cause I was fighting this headache. I just don't sleep well when my head hurts. I took two excedrin this morning and this afternoon (after suffering all day) I took two extra strength tylenol. Please God, let this work. I'm such a baby when it comes to long lasting pain. *sigh*

The good thing is that its six minutes till five. Its been busy today...haven't had a whole lot of free time....but I thought I'd post before I left...especially since (thanks to stupid dialup) I don't post very much on the weekends when I'm not able to use the fast internet here at work. We have tried to get cable or dsl and they don't come out to our house yet. Only one minute from city limits and terrible service. *sigh* Life isn't fair.

Later folks!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Papercuts and other such fun

Today was not so glamourous as yesterday in the life of one member services staff member who spent the afternoon stuffing the monthly billing in envelopes. *grin* Well...not every day can be as cool as yesterday.

In other news....I have a music video on my blog now (in case you haven't figured that out yet)...took me awhile, but finally got it figured out. I love it when I can solve a problem in HTML without having to look it up or ask anyone for help. Of course, it wasn't a HARD problem, but still...you know how it is...simple things for me are usually difficult. LOL.

Read a few interesting blogs today. Scrapability has this cool listing of scrappin blogs...I went down and randomly (since thats what I do best) looked at a few. Here's the two that I bookmarked to go back and read more of later: Unbelievably Random <-- Why do you think THAT one appealed to me? (Hehehe) ...and Spragueblog <-- Some cool photoshop tips here that I want to go back and check out! Created the index.htm for our new choir website. Its a simple website builder...can't do much with it, but I wanted something besides the "coming soon" auto page from webmasters.com to be a little more interesting and have a contact us spot (in case anyone needs it) while I work on building a decent page with Frontpage. First I have to figure out Frontpage...hopefully the learning curve is not as huge as PhotoshopCS2's. LOL.

Well....its ten till five and I'm outa here. Gotta do some more work on the choir cd cover...this (very cropped--I cropped it for the picture part, but you can still see at the bottom where the title is) version does not look like the version on my computer at home...or maybe it looks okay on your computer right now, but here at work the greens look too...well...GREEN. ANYWAYS.

So its time to go and I'm outa here before CV (the girl who rides with me home) comes in here and ends up waitin on me...LOL. Later!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cool Day

Well, been busy today...days like today are real cool to be working where I work. Mickey Jones was in the studio today...did a guest DJ thing with Ellen live on the air and then hung around for a meet 'n greet with station staff and random folks that dropped by. He was the drummer for Bob Dylan, but that don't mean much to me, since I'm not really a Dylan fan....what I thought was cool was his blues guitar and his stories from his acting career. He was one of the Tool Time guys on Home Improvement, along with doing commercials and all kinds of other movies. He's acted with all kinds of famous people, even knows Arnold Swartznegger...or however you spell that! He was a real nice guy!! Pretty neat stuff. He had us rolling a few times...funny guy!

Anyways, its five oclock an time to go...catch ya later!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Caffeine Buzzed

Thats me. Yikes. We're in the middle of the contest (the one I was doing the ad/graphic work for a few weeks back) so I had to come in at 7am this morning and its been non-stop since I got here. Two Dr Peppers and a large coffee (with extra extra sugar and a packet of hot chocolate added) later, I'm flyin pretty high. Its almost 4 and its crazy busy since all the entries come in by email to my computer and its a one day contest. So you can do the math...we are currently at 1873 entries.... this stack of papers isn't even all of them.....

Okay, pick your chin up off the floor now (unless you're still working on the calculator...LOL...in which case, you can leave your chin on the floor until you finish). So I wouldn't be here now posting this except for two things. #1 is that I forgot to post yesterday and I know you're just aching to hear my voice again (or read my typing, if you want to be precise). #2 is that our entry site was jammed this morning thanks to an idiot disregarding the "one entry per person" rule that was plainly posted, and the site has yet to catch up, so my email is coming in very slowly and not only that, we may not even be able to draw the winner tonight as planned, since its not looking likely that the site will catch up by the time the contest is ended. *whew* THAT was a long sentence. I should go back and correct it, but. I. won't. I'll. just. put. all. my. periods. in. this. sentence. (bwahahaha...yes, I AM insane AND on a caffeine high which is a highly unstable condition...keep reading at your own risk....ROFL!!!!) Back to the idiot. So he is obviously loonier than I am because even I am not stupid enough to think that if I enter TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-THREE TIMES in 30 minutes nobody will notice that ALL THE NAMES ARE THE SAME. Ah well, he quit when the station manager gave him a personal call to let him know we weren't real appreciative of his efforts. But it was unfortunately too late to prevent the system traffic jam. *SIGH*

Well...not a whole lot else going on...been working the last couple evenings on the choir cd insert...thats taking awhile. I have the tray card insert to do tonight and then it will be ready to send to the printer. I'm supposed to have it by tomorrow night, so I HAVE to get that done tonight...can't procrastinate. Deadlines, deadlines....can't stand it.

Alright...need to get back to it....later!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I Love Long Weekends

At least this weekend, I do! Thank heavens I am not suffering the same bored disorder that I had LAST time I had a long weekend. I have had plenty of things to do and (for the most part) enough energy and drive to get them done! YAY! Thats a great feeling.
So on Friday I:

  • Took a shower
  • Cleaned both bathrooms (including the showers) and my oh my, KC's was dis-CUSTING! But I won't go into that. =)
  • Did 7 loads of laundry (part of it was already washed and just had to fold--but thats the worst part...this chore took a LOT of time)
  • Cleaned the kitty bathroom (joy, joy)
  • Emptied the trash
  • Fixed a sub for lunch
  • Unloaded the dishwasher
  • Loaded the dishwasher
  • Tidied the house
  • Checked my email
  • Did NOT cook for the evangelist as previously planned (he got sick and couldn't come at the last minute)
  • Got ready for church
  • Went to church


  • Woke up at 5am with a headache, couldn't go back to sleep
  • Made two mothers day cards with matching tags and envelopes (here's the envelopes and tags...but my mom might read this, so I'm not posting the card...LOL)

  • Cleaned my desk back up
  • Checked my email
  • Fixed cheese & crackers for lunch (yeah, I know, balanced meal, right? LOL)
  • Edited some pictures to post
  • and now here we are!

So thats my life up to this point. Way exciting huh? NOT. Oh well, at least I'm not bored~

So I gotta run now and get my clothes ironed for church tonight. We have to leave early because the choir is meeting up in *the town where our church is* to get our picture made for the cover of the cd we're working on. I've also gotta look up a couple things in my camera manual since I'm the one taking the picture (yes, me, and I'm also IN the picture...so this will be quite interesting). Keep your fingers crossed...I really don't want to mess this up!

Oh, here's some more pictures before I go...this is what I did LAST Saturday....cleaned my creative disaster of a desk. LOL.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Little Venting...

Is good for the soul. Wait....I don't think that's how that quote goes....hmmm. Oh well. So I have a few things I'd like to let some steam off about....

First I have to gripe about bratty kids. I won't say too much about it b/c I don't know who all reads this, but I wish people would take control of their kids. Its NOT my responsibility! If you're gonna have 3 kids or 4 kids or 5 kids or 10, either keep'm in line and don't let'm be bratty or for pity's sake, use birth control!!!!!! Now I love kids, and I don't think anyone should beat or abuse them, HOWEVER, a little discipline is definitely in order if you want your kiddies to turn out halfway decent. And DON'T sit there in church, letting your kids that are old enough to know better cut up and distract everyone else, and then WATCH US get after them and get them in line and NOT do anything about it. Come ON people, YOU'RE the parents! Do I sound aggravated? Maybe it's cuz I am. I totally love these people and I love the kids, but for cryin out loud, this is NOT how you raise kids! I know people say "wait til you have kids...you'll feel differently about it" but come on, those of us who were raised in church were trained better than that and WE turned out okay! How come now we let'm get away with murder? It's God's house, people, teach'm some respect! Leave the Game Boys and other miscellaneous loud and/or messy toys at home! If church time is play time, get a babysitter and leave'm at home so they can play without distracting people who are trying to pay attention, cuz you're sure not teachin'em how to sit still and behave in church!! Okay, first vent over.

Second vent: Guys are so dumb. (That sounds like I've reverted back to the kindergarden days huh?) Anyways, I won't go into my reasons for saying this, but I will say this much. Innocence is very dangerous anymore. That's aggravating, b/c innocence and virtue are good qualities and people are always trying to take advantage of them!

Third vent: Okay, this one is an ongoing aggravation for me...Driving. I won't say bad drivers or idiots, b/c I understand that driving at a speed you are comfortable with (even if it is 10 below the speed limit) is your right and you're only being extra safe, HOWEVER:
  • If you are in the left lane and the right lane is moving faster than you are....YOU ARE IN THE WRONG LANE! Get over!
  • If you are going less than the speed limit whenever there are no passing zones and at the speed of light during any passing opportunities...DON'T BE MAD WHEN I TAILGATE! Either set your cruise and maintain a constant speed or pull off the road and let me go by...you are obviously in no hurry. I have done both of these options for other folks who want to drive faster, so I know its possible!
  • And USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL! Not only that, but if you have to turn and you do NOT use your turn signal, don't take your sweet time turning...thats a recipe for disaster and if you're trying to be a safe driver, that is NOT the way to be successful!

Okay! I'm done now. Really I'm a very peaceful person. No matter how much I wish I could speak my mind about things in real life, I will probably never do so, since I am so not a mean or hateful person. I just have to vent from time to time in order to prevent disastrous and messy explosions. LOL. Now I'll just go back to being my happy self!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Best Time of Day

In my opinion, this is a great time of day...4:45. Means that in 15 minutes I can hit the road! Yes! So today has been quiet...not that I'm complaining. I'm just waiting on Friday. I have the DAY OFF! Yay for me! Maybe it will give me a chance to get caught up on all the things I'm getting behind in this week.

Of course, Friday afternoon already has scheduled plans (hence the reason for the day off) but I'll still have Friday morning. *smiles* So now you're wondering what the "scheduled plans" are, I'm sure (actually, I'm sure you don't care, but I'll tell you anyways...hehehe).

So my plans are that I have to cook a meal (gasp) for the minister and family that is holding our revival. I'm sure that you're thinking I must be cooking something gourmet if I have to take the whole afternoon in order to accomplish this, but you don't know my cooking talents (or lack there-of...LOL). The words out of my mother's mouth when I told her I was planning were (and I quote) "You'll definitely need more than a few hours since you'll probably burn it and then redo it at least three times." *SIGH*

There is a story there, but I won't go into it. All I'll say is this, I've been known to burn water (yes, it IS possible). LOL. My brother even cooked better than me. Sad. HOWEVER, I HAVE improved....my dear hubby is still alive after eating my cooking (although it is a rare occurence) for the last 4 1/2 years.

Anyways, on other subjects...I just posted a new link over there in the sidebar under my profile. See it? The "EMAIL ME" thing....so go ahead...click it. I'd love to get some real email. Hope to hear from YOU soon....


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Random Tidbits

Well, the sermons have been pretty awesome the last couple days. SO if we have to go to church for this many days in a row, at least its interesting and not boring. LOL. Is that a bad way to feel about it? Oh well.... (I guess).

So other than being too busy to think this week, between work and church and sleeping, not a whole lot else is going on. It's almost 4 and I am going to try to get out of here not long after 4 so we can drop this mail we've been working on off at the P.O. before they close. It's a 4,990 piece mailing (of postcards...remember that project I was working on awhile back?). Well anyways, they're going to flip out at the P.O. because thats almost 5000 single cards to be sorted...yikes...wouldn't want their job today! Bwahahaha!!!! I'm so terrible.

Do you ever have random flashbacks? Or is that just another quirky thing that is wrong with me? So I heard a song the other day that brought back some {bitter}sweet memories of a summer several years ago. I don't know the title of the song, but it starts out: Late December back in 63, what a very special time for me....what a lady, what a night. LOL...that particular song doesn't do much for me personally, but I'm one of those kind of people that remember funny things. One of the funny things I remember is people's favorite songs. So every time I hear that song, I hear this guy saying how much he liked it, and from there, {flashback} my mind trails back to the summer that we all hung out together...and so on. I have decided that my memory is a cruel thing...why I can't remember if I turned off the iron or locked the door, but I can hear one line of a song and my mind is flooded with memories is beyond me. *sigh*

A few other songs that bring back memories, some good, and some I'd like to forget:

  • Jesus, Take The Wheel
  • I'm Not As Good as I Once Was
  • Strength In The Lord
  • May I Have This Dance
  • Can I Trust You With My Heart
  • Keeper of the Stars (Now this is definitely one of my favorite memories! *smiles* MW sang it at our "wedding")

Well anyways, time to go...have a great evening...you know where I'll be. =)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sleepy Monday

So not only is it Monday (which is my least favorite day of the week -- since I'm exhausted from the weekend and having trouble clearing the fog from my brain so I can get some work done), but it is also cloudy and rainy-looking. So my eyelids feel like they've got at least 10 pounds dragging them down...I hate that. When I get like this, I tend to do things on "auto-pilot" which causes panic attacks later in the day when I try to remember if I took care of important details or not (like shutting the garage door when I left for work this morning) since I really don't even remember leaving the house. Obviously I did, since I'm here at work, BUT...did my auto-pilot mode remember all the important parts of my routine while my brain was out of order? Surely it did. *sigh* I hate my memory sometimes...but thats a topic for a whole 'nother post.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Ahhh...I absolutely adore Fridays. Today just flew by...its already 5:43...I don't know where the day went. *sigh* Anyways, Fridays just aren't as much fun when they go by so fast you don't have time to appreciate the fact that it IS Friday. Know what I mean? LOL.

So. I didn't get a chance to register for CK Convention today...I think I'll try to do that as soon as I get done with this post. Which means I better hurry cuz we have to leave for church in a few minutes.

And on that topic, NO, we do not go to church ALL the time (I know that's what you were thinking, right?). Anyways, we're having a 10 day revival starting tonight through next Saturday. I know we're supposed to be excited and happy about it, but I just can't get the enthusiasm up...all I feel is tired when I think about it. *sigh* I guess some people would feel like that makes me a bad Christian, but who knows...I bet Jesus got tired...the whole point is that he kept going and doing the right thing, which is what I will do this week...so that means I'm not bad, right?

Well, I've got lots of thoughts running through my head today....but I'm already tired of typing and I want to sign up for those classes before the one I want gets gone. So....if I don't talk to you before Monday...HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Misc. Babblings

Sheeesh, I am soo incredibly hungry. I can't quit nibbling. *sigh* Not good. I think its cuz I haven't been busy enough today. Like, I am not complaining about that, b/c it is so busy around here most of the time and a moment to breathe is always appreciated, but when I'm not so busy I can't think, it leaves me time to feel hunger....LOL. OBVIOUSLY, I am busy most of the time, otherwise I would weigh a lot more than the 126 pounds the scale credits me for. LOL.

So registration for the CK Convention in Charlotte this August is now open. I'm excited already. It feels like I was just there...can't believe its already been almost a year. I can't decide which classes I want to take, but I know I'll be signing up soon so I can get the ones I definitely want before they sell out.

Speaking of how time flies so quickly, its incredible to think of how far I've come and how things have changed in only a year. (yes, I AM aware that my thoughts are crazy and scattered but that is the whole point of RANDOM INSANITY)
It will soon be a year now since....
  • Our awesome Las Vegas trip (I just finished the scrapbook on that...I'll have to post some layouts sometime soon) .
  • The worst night ever since KC and I have been together (and we're still happily married...thats good stuff!).
  • We bought and moved into our current house.
  • My temporary lapse of judgement in dealing with certain situations (which have now been resolved...lesson learned).
  • The CK Convention in Charlotte (fun, fun, fun)

Anyways, time flying...its now lunchtime and time to feed that hungry bear that is growling in my stomach. Later!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Artificial Intelligence

Well, now I look intelligent...at least thats what I've been told. LOL. We know better though, huh? *grin* So they called this morning and said that my new glasses were ready. I wasn't expecting them to be ready this early, but anyways. I can't decide how I feel about them. I think I like them, and I sure like how sharp things are now, but it feels slightly strange. I'm kind of hoping they will make me look geeky enough that I'll quit getting hit on so much, but thats probably too much to hope for. Maybe if I put my hair in a bun and wear the glasses....hmmm. Anyways, all that aside, its nice to look smart....*GRIN*

Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy and Sad

WELL, that was a good and bad evening. We found the Hobby Lobby (45 minutes later, after driving around in circles on Hickory's lovely and confusing streets...and it only took about 10 to get back out). So we go in, and maybe 3-4 minutes after we finally get there the lights start going out....they close at EIGHT! GRR. I only got halfway through the scrapbooking section before we had to leave.
SO, I got a cardstock stack and a whole stack of single sheet paper, plus two nifty rubber stamps (stamps and paper were all 50% off -- great sale, by the way -- in case you care) and spent $20.00. Yay for me...and I was so drooling over the stuff I did get to see before the lights went out. KC had to drag me away....they have a TON of the new and different stuff that AC Moore and Michael's (bless their little hearts) just don't have.
On the bright side, all that time in the car was just more time to spend with my honey....AND he promised to take me back on Saturday (since by the time we found it, I was SO turned around and would probably never find it on my own). Soooo....can't spend any money this week...gotta save it for Saturday. Oooh, I can't wait!

Count'n Down

Well, it's almost 3:30 and only an hour and a half until 5! *Faith breaks into the Hallelujah Chorus"* I have a hot date tonight to the new Hobby Lobby in Hickory with my honey....hooray! I'm too excited about this...I need a life. (actually, thats not true, I have a life and it IS okay to get that excited about going somewhere with my honey...LOL) Anyways, I ended up doing some other things, so its now almost 4:30, so there is only half hour left. Well, nothing else to say....later.