Friday, April 28, 2006


I finished it. Finally! I'm so happy to be done with it. I think I've decided I'm not real crazy about Fireworks for image-editing. I think I like Photoshop CS2 MUCH better. Well, anyways. Its 4:31 and I feel very good about today. It felt like I got a lot done, b/c not only did I do that ad and the postcard, I also answered the phones today (since my sidekick is off on Fridays), sent in a work request to get the lights in the hallway fixed (upon Nancy's request, since she doesn't have a computer), and wrote a couple receipts and processed the money for Roger (who is also off today). Plus, I have kept up with my email today, AND its not even five yet, so I have a few minutes leftover to breathe!!! =) Hooray for me!
So in other news, I think my stupid body is getting ready to rebel on me again and start acting goofy. I sure hope it gets the message I'm sending it every morning when I down a few echinacea case it doesn't, I'm just serving notice right now: I DO NOT WANT ANYMORE FUNNY BUSINESS! NONE. No sickness, no colds, no flu, no NOTHING. PERIOD.
Okay, now that THAT is settled, I feel like making a list. Since I'm in a much better mood today, I think I'll just list a few things that made me happy today:
  • I finished the ad/postcard/graphics project.
  • I got to talk to my honey before my phone battery went dead.
  • My plant in my office is still alive (even if it isn't blooming).
  • Its not raining and the sky is super blue.


Half-way there...

Well, today I'm feeling much better about this whole "other duties as assigned" project. I put the postcard together, messed around with the problem graphics, figured out a few things about this strange and unfamiliar Fireworks program, and I'm not quite, but almost, satisfied with the way it turned out. I'm halfway there now, just have to do the ad to go with the postcard. And I'm going to take a breather before I get started, since its already 1:21 and if I don't go now, I'll end up not getting a lunch. So....I'll let ya know how it turns out. Might even post the ad....maybe. I'll think about it while I'm eating. =) Later.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Another Day, Another Dollar

I love Allison Krauss....started typing the title and suddenly heard her voice singing in my head.

Anyways, its almost five. YAY! Today I have not enjoyed being at work. Crazy things have been happenin around here, along with the fact that my boss handed me some work today that is not in my job description, plus I'm just in one of those "blah" moods again (only today I'm at work and its happening...*SIGH*). ANYWAYS, the work that isn't in my job description (unless you put it under "other duties as assigned" which is probably where they put it....LOL) isn't bad, I just don't feel like I'm capable of doing it as good as it needs to be done. Not that I wouldn't LIKE to be capable of doing it, as it is basically advertising/graphic design work, but at this point, I feel like I'm in over my head. This is one of the days I wish Leanna were still here, since she did all this before. Gripe, gripe, gripe. Is it five yet? Five more minutes.

Okay, what to say for five more minutes. Or maybe I could just finish this post and go back over to the blog I've been checking out today. This lady inspires me. Check out her fridge. I love organization! I think.....oh wait...its five oh took a few seconds to do those links. Later!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Well, its taken awhile to get my brain wrapped around this whole HTML thing and webpages and all that jazz, but I'm finally feeling like some progress has been made. Check out my photography stuff that I added over the last couple of days. Still not quite happy with it, but its getting there.

Between that, work (which has been busy), housework, and life, I've been pretty busy. Which, as usual results in fatigue. *SIGH* You did notice in there that sleep is not listed as one of the things that is keeping me busy. LOL. Actually in reality, I do get enough sleep, its the housework that doesn't get enough time. *grin*

Okay, I'm taking my grumbling self back to work.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Good day

Well, today I went to a cropping party at my cousin's house. It was fun although I didn't get a whole lot done. I mostly worked on journaling the album that I'd already finished (well, finished except for the journaling) on our trip to Las Vegas last year. Then I made a card for a girl at work and that was about it. I took a lot of projects with me in hopes that I'd get more accomplished, but oh well. It was still good to get out and spend the day scrapping and not feel bad for not getting housework done...which is what I'd have done if I'd been at home. LOL. But I should head off and do some of that poor neglected housework now....later!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Should'a - Could'a - Would'a

Man, I hate my voice. I have spent the last...oh...hour and a half...trying to record the message for the phone attendant that we have here at work that has all the listings of extensions and who to call for what, and I have deleted it so many times. I just can't get it right to satisfy myself. I totally should have recorded it two weeks ago when I had the "sexy" voice. LOL. For now I'm giving up. My stomach is growling and that doesn't sound good on an answering machine, so I'm giving up for now. I'll try again later after I've satisfied the hunger. I wonder if there is a cosmetic surgery for someone's vocal chords? HUM. Okay...I'm off to lunch. Back later.

*Edited to Add:*
Well, its finished...its still not quite satisfactory, but at least its done. *sigh* Ah well. I didn't give up...thats what counts right?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My latest "discovery"

I have decided that life is full of busy-ness and I should enjoy the slow moments because it will pick up again before I know it and then I will be wondering why I was so upset at being bored.

Yes, things are getting busy again. No such thing as downtime anywhere in the near future, so why didn't I just enjoy being bored on Monday? Ahhh...regret....why do I torture myself this way? This is no way to enjoy my life. Unfortunately, like so many people, I have a lot of regrets. In my opinion, its not healthy to live in the past, so I just own up to any mistakes, resolve and occasionally remind myself to never repeat them, and then move on.

I think today is a good day for that occasional reminder.
  • I regret that I didn't continue taking courses at the college after I went to the trouble of getting started. Now life is so busy that I don't have much free time and what I do have, I like to spend with KC. (This is one that can still be solved though...I'm working on that)
  • I regret that I didn't appreciate my grandmother more before she died. I could have gone to visit more or at least been more respectful and patient. (Can't fix this one, but I can be more appreciative of other older people in my life)
  • I regret that we didn't start sooner in trying to find out why we haven't had kids yet. (but better late than never)
  • I regret that I have missed opportunities to share Jesus. (Can't change that either, but I can take the opportunities that present themselves in the future...and still not be pushy about it)

Okay...there are other (and more serious) regrets that I could mention, but that's enough for one day. I can only take so many reminders in one dose before I get grumpy over all my shortcomings. I can't change the past, but I can do my best to alter my future.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ahhh....back where I belong

Today has been a good day. I haven't accomplished much, but it has been normal. It has been routine. It has been another day on the job. I didn't realize how much I liked routine and activity until I had a day off with no plans. Sometimes I scare myself with my freaky weirdness. I mean, come on, who in the world actually "LIKES" to go to work? I am not a workaholic by no means, so why do I miss it when I'm sitting at home being bored? I am truly insane. Ah well, back to it.

PS More insanity to come...I found some cool journaling prompts I might make use of next time I run out of things to blabber on about...*winks* Hey, don't get too excited or anything. LOL

Monday, April 17, 2006

Blah Blah Blah

Do you ever have days that you just don't feel like doing nothing? (okay, I know the correct word there is "anything", but get over it, this is my stupid blog and if I want to be grammatically incorrect, I can.) LOL So anyways, and then when you just blah around all day, you feel like you're wasting your day, but you don't have the energy to do something to make the day worthwhile? Even writing isn't helping today.

So far on my day off I have:
  • slept in (for a whole extra 2 hours)
  • took a shower
  • sewed up two skirt splits (which is one of my least favorite and most put off chores)
  • watered the flowers on the front porch
  • checked my email
  • fixed myself a sub for lunch (and then ate it, of course)
  • sat out on the deck for about 30 minutes reading a book and almost sunburning my legs
  • edited a couple pictures taken on Friday's drive back from Asheville
  • looked up a couple things on the internet

and now I'm writing this and feeling like nothing of worth has been accomplished. Grrr...I hate that feeling. I'm even in a blah writing mood. Yuck. Its kind of scary to think that I might actually be missing work today. EW...after all the days I sit at work and wish I could have a day off, now on my day off I sit here being bored and wish I were at work...hmmm...I don't like thinking about this.

So enough about that, here are a couple of pictures in case you care. I'm not real impressed with them, but then again, my entire mentality is just....well....BLAH today, and here I am back on this train of thought. ENOUGH...I'm posting the pictures now.

1. Andrew's Geyser
2. Old house on the road to Andrew's Geyser

3. Blue Ridge Mountains as seen from the visitor center

Friday, April 14, 2006

What A Lovely Day

Ahh....what a sweet day! KC and I spent the day just being together. We slept in (til 7:30...LOL), got up and took our time getting ready, then headed out for a drive. Our original plan was to go up the mountain and find some cool scenery to take pictures of...but we ended up stopping in Asheville and doing a little shopping and hanging out since the weather was looking kind of iffy. We decided to just make it a "date" day. It was great. If we didn't do this or that, that was okay, and if we decided we wanted to stop here or stop there, that was fine, because we didn't have anything planned, and that kind of day is very cool every now and then! Course we did promise to be at KC's mom's for dinner at 4:30, but we made it in time and still had a relaxing day. I did get a some pictures, too. I'll try to upload a few later. Off to do some photo editing and sizing now. =)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

OH MY...

GOODNESS! My cat has a TWIN....SISTER! This is totally hilarious! I was just over on Scrapjazz reading some old posts, and clicked on Rachel's blog and lo and behold if A's new cat, "Cisco", doesn't look identical to my baby, "Jango"!!!! Check this out! Ooh, I think we have a match!
Maybe? Well, Jango does have a bowtie, but thats cuz he's a boy, right?

ugh, these are icky pictures...i found these in my computer from when I was testing the self timer and all the settings...I'll have to take a good one of him later and replace these goofy things...but this will have to do for now.


Amazing what a five minute break can do for one's mindset. YAY! See my new header! Woohoo....I did it, I did it...*faith does the victory dance* Hey, this is kinda fun now that I have figured it out!!! Okay, now its time to go rotten day just dramatically improved! Its so nice when something like that happens!! Later!

PS We're planning to go on a picture shooting spree tomorrow....hopefully I'll catch something good...*crosses fingers* I'll post the results later!


I can't seem to get this html stuff down....I found a tutorial on Lindsay Teague's blog on how to post a custom blog header for my blog, and I have done it exactly as she said (well, obviously not EXACTLY or it would be working) but I still can't get the photo to work. Maybe its my photo hosting service. I think I'm going to have to call it quits for today otherwise I'll pull my hair out...that would not be pretty. *GRIN*

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bits & Pieces

Isn't it amazing how you can look at a pieces of something and not see the whole pictures yet together the random pieces give you the essence of what you were trying to capture? I found this cool idea in my favorite Photoshop CS2 book (CS2 for Digital Photographers) and I think I'm going to have to do this on some other topics. I really like the effect and the printed version is awesome! It almost looks professional....LOL.

I wish I could go back to places I've been in my life and do something like this with my grandma's house when I was growing up. Little clips I'd like to get from that little old house: Grandpa's old wooden rocking chair next to the stove, the ancient handmade layers of quilts on the bed in the spare bedroom where I slept when I got to spend the night with "mamaw", "papaw's" old shaving paraphernalia sittin on the side of the kitchen sink, the cool little cubby in the closet under the stairs, the green metal front porch swing on the front porch where everyone sat when the family all gathered together for Sunday dinner, the attic window that I used to climb out of to sit on the porch roof to watch the neighborhood and dream about having a life, the old refridgerator on the back porch that had to be manually defrosted where "papaw" kept the watermelons in the summertime, the old woodstove in the kitchen that they still cooked on from time to time even after they had a "modern, electric" stove, the woodshed with the ancient tools hung out of reach of the grandkids, oh that place has so many memories. I have since drove by, but its not the same anymore. Life goes on.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Flowers <-- hows that for short and to the point?

I spent about an hour or so on Sunday afternoon planting a few of these beauties, and the rest of the hour I spent taking pictures of the ones that KC and myself had planted earlier. I just have one question, why would I be cursed with a black thumb when I love flowers so much? I hope these survive b/c the one in my office is looking pretty sad. (And its not the first one in my office to give up the ghost...) *SIGH* Maybe I'll print a picture of these and plant it in the pot in the window of my office....LOL.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Oops...I think I'm in Business...

This is the first print I have done for somebody besides myself! I think I probably got the last picture of this strip of road as it looks here, too. It made me really sad the other day to drive down through there and see that they have torn down that sweet old fence alongside the road and replaced it with new metal stakes and commercial fencing. That pasture was one of my favorite scenes through there and now its not the same. *sigh* Ah well, I wonder if that makes this picture more valuable.....LOL. Probably not. Nice thought though.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I Love My Doctor...(*note sarcasm)

I am getting to know him too well, especially this last I went to the doctor (AGAIN) yesterday afternoon and he gave me all kinds of good stuff....include a needle in the rear. *YIKES* So I got a prednazone (or however you spell that) shot, a nasal spray, and a z-pack....we're determined to get rid of this sexy voice of mine (which as a side note here, its another silver lining -- I have been told that as my voice is returning, it has a SEXY sound...which is a nice change for me...LOL). The only trouble is I think when they gave me that shot in the backside, they must have hit my psiatic (I am not a doctor and if I mis-spell these stupid medical words, its NOT a big deal) nerve. It didn't hurt when they shot me, but after it had had a little time to sink in, my right leg started aching all the way down to my toes and my back hurt all the way across my hips. *grrr* Not fun. Its better today, only a little achy. All I know is, I hope all these meds kick this stupid cold (although I might like to keep the sexy voice...LOL) because I'm tired of being sick. Sick and busy, and too busy to be sick. Story of my life.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More Insanity

Can it GET any worse? I'm beginning to wonder. I thought when the fund drive ended I'd be able to breathe again, but the surface is not yet in sight and the only thing that I got when I gulped for air was a mouthful of water....I'm so drowning.

SO the fund drive ended, and we hired a Development Assistant for our department (mostly to help the drowning membership lady) so I have spent the last week training her in between rearranging the office space here as we've had to adjust to fit her in. Then we've also been slammed from post fund drive tasks (such as recovering from recent caffeine addictions among other things that are slightly more work related...LOL) and the icing on the cake is that I have been sicker than a dog. I suddenly find myself much more sympathetic to poor Job's plight. Please God, no boils. I already have about five diagnosed problems that are both painful and irritating, and today I have no voice. I wake up this morning and find that I make more noise by whispering. I hope I don't get kidnapped before my voice returns...I screamed at the top of my lungs and it sounded like a mouse had stopped by to say hello. On second thought, this could actually come in when I get frustrated by something here at work, I can just scream out my frustrations like I have always felt like doing without shutting the door or finding some other sound muffler AND NOT GET IN TROUBLE! AHA, there I have found it...the silver lining. Now, back to work.