Saturday, December 30, 2006

Neglectful me

Whoa….talk about neglect! I’ve been seriously absent from here lately. I guess its just b/c I have terrible connection speed, its hard to want to get on the internet when I’m home. If I do get on, I’ll spend forever on here. But I’ve really been enjoying my time off. Hard to believe it will soon be time to go back. Tuesday. Joy. But I can’t really complain b/c I’ve been off since last Wednesday. LOL. I love it though…I’ve slept in almost every day….like REALLY sleeping in….like 9:30! Sheesh. I don’t really want to sleep in b/c I feel like half the day is gone by the time I get up, but I have to admit, it feels nice to just wake up without an alarm and not HAVE to get up unless I want to. *grin* Couple of days I hooked up with friends and went to Hickory….that was pretty cool. Yesterday I stayed home and cleaned up the house and did some laundry and then fixed supper for us and one friend’s family that came over. Christmas was good….spent that with my parents and Christmas Eve with KCz parents. Had a pretty good time. I think that was about all that has been going on since I got off…or rather since the last time I blogged. I feel kinda bad for not getting more stuff done while I’m off, but you know what…I feel rested and that’s a good thing.

Well…I better get moving now….today we’re going to go back to either hickory or rooms to go in charlotte and pick out a loveseat and recliner for the living room instead of the papasan and rocker. KC really really wants a recliner and we need a little more seating in the living room. *sigh* But anyways…

Sorry…no crazy random stuff today I guess. Maybe I’ll be back to my crazy random self on Tuesday. *grin*


Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Vacation Day 2

I LOVE being off work. The best part of it is I don't have to go back until next year. HA!

Anyways, our anniversary was sweet. KC got home around 1:30 yesterday and then we went to Hickory to eat at the Olive Garden. Our first choice was the Outback, but they didn't open until 4:30 and we got up there at 3:30 and we were hungry. But the second choice was still yummy. I had Fettucini Alfredo and KC had Chicken Parmesan and was it ever yum-o. I was this close to giving in to the pepper craving though....I wanted a Dr Pepper SOO bad. I didn't though....had rasberry lemonade....which was absolutely awesome. Our waitress even offered to give us to go cups when we were leaving....thats rare.

So while we were eating....get this. I almost got my wish....the phone rang. It said "restricted call" (which the only person that ever rings on the ID as Restricted is KC's mom) we didn't answer it. (no offense, mom...LOL) But anywho....then about 2 minutes later it rang again...same thing. KC was like LEAVE A MESSAGE already. No message. About 2 minutes later....again. KC was like FINE. This better be an emergency (LOL) and answers the phone. Oops....its our social worker. Of all days. She must be on the same phone company as KC's now we'll have to answer all our "restricted" calls. SO....KC is talking a few minutes and uh-huh-ing a lot....and then he says, here, I'll let you talk to I take the phone. SW says, we've got a {under 4} yr old little boy that is currently already in foster care, but his foster mom may need someone to watch him tomorrow and possibly tonight b/c she has to be at work early, would you be interested? I'm like um....tonight? Um......okay....I think we could probably work something out. {I'm thinking....why TONIGHT? Its our anniversary and we've kinda got plans....LOL. But sure...okay.} So she says, okay, I'll call her social worker back and have her call you with the details. So a few minutes later, the phone rings and I pick up and its the foster mom's social worker. The little boy is sick, the mom picked him up from daycare and is on her way to the dr now and if he's cleared to go back to daycare, we won't need to keep him, but if the daycare won't take him, he'll need somewhere to stay while his foster mom is at work. Okay, not a problem. She gives me foster mom's phone number and tells me to call her a little later to find out if the little boy will be able to go back to daycare. Okay then. Guess that means we're now on the licensed home list.....pardon me a moment while I panic. Haha. Okay I'm better now. So its probably terrible of us, but we were both praying that the little boy would be fine and that he'd be able to go back to daycare. LOL. Now if the situation had been different, we wouldn't have felt that way, but a one night on THAT particular wasn't quite what we had planned. But we'd have still done it....we're gonna have to get used to changing our plans sometime. But still....I was kinda glad when I talked to the foster mom and the little boy was fine and going back to daycare.

So once we were finished eating we went to the mall to pick out our anniversary present.....we had already decided to get a new watch for both of us so we looked at Dillards, Sears, and finally found what we wanted at Penney's.

anniversary watches
the funny thing is that I had picked out the one I liked and he had picked out the one he liked and when we tried them on we realized that they were very similar watches. LOL. Great minds think alike....LOL. ooh...thats kinda skary though. LOL.

Anyways, we had a couple other loose ends to tie up for Christmas stuff so we took care of that and then headed back to the house...oh yeah, stopped on the way home and rented Cars....that was pretty good. Got Lady in the Water or something like that to watch tonight...I'll let ya know how that one is. =)

SO that was pretty much our anniversary. *sigh* now we're going on six years. yow.

Not much else going on....I've been attempting to get a self-portrait b/c in my 23 years, I keep trying...and have yet been successful in my goal to get a decent picture. *sigh* Sometimes I seem to get closer than others....but its hard to work on both sides of the camera...not to mention what I got to work with....*sigh* Which is not a lot in case you were wondering. Oh here's my three latest attempts...


#1 probably the best one from a lighting standpoint, but its not really me. *sigh* oh well.


#2 ugh....KC took this one....I cheese too much when I'm smiling at him. LOL

#3 this one probably looks the most like me, but this was the bathroom mirror and the lighting is definitely lacking. *sigh*
Oh well. *SIGH* Guess I'm off for now...need to clean house. *grin* Such fun.
PS I'm about THIS close to finishing my Christmas I the only one out there that hates the little signs up that say 3 shopping days left to Christmas???

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Five Years Ago Today

I was feeling exactly the same as I am right now. Well, maybe not exactly, but I'm seeing similarities here....

So how am I feeling today? Like I have a lot to do and time is running out to get it done....b/c I want tonight to be perfect and special....


like it was on this night five years ago.

Anyways, brace yourself, I plan on making up a few missed thursday thirteens....since I figure there is no way I am going to be able to do just one. =) Of course, with the speed of my internet here, I may get fed up and have to quit before I'm really finished. *sigh*

But while I'm waiting for the pictures (woohoo) to load, I guess I'll get started.

Thirteen Random (of course) Happy Memories from the last Five Years.
1. The best vacation ever to Las Vegas in 05....that was soo much fun. It actually earned its own scrapbook...LOL.
2. Buying our first house together....a little brick two bedroom in town.
3. The many trips we have taken together....Pigeon Forge (many times...I've lost count), Ohio, NY, Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, of course Las Vegas.....I love the fact that we travel well...I hope when kids come along, that we are lucky enough to have kids that travel well, too.
4. Living in the apartment when we first got married....with all the many ladybugs and the bees....definitely an experience.
5. Getting our feline babies.
6. Our movie tradition for the first three anniversaries....too bad Lord of the Rings didn't decide to come out with #4 and #5....
7. The New Year party we had in the house in town....when we were all so tired we could barely stay awake until midnight.
8. The New Year party that we had in the house in town....a different year....when it turned out being all our then-single friends and one other married couple....that was interesting. But still fun.
9. When KC bought the "batmobile" for me b/c I fell in love with it.
10. How all of our friends helped us with our heavy furniture when we moved....not to mention the painting party when we bought our new house.
11. KC graduating with his Bachelor's after all those long nights of hard work.
12. The trip to Cedar Point with Benji & Kat....riding the roller coasters together.
13. Our honeymoon in Pigeon Forge....nuff said. =)

Casey & Faith Cabin

(us in our honeymoon cabin)

Thirteen Things I Love Most About KC
1. His smile
2. His sense of humor
3. The way he loves me
4. The way he loves God
5. The little boy in him that comes out every now and then
6. Facial hmmm!!! It makes him even more handsome...not an easy feat! =)
7. His confidence
8. The way he still flirts with me even though we're already married
9. How he loves and cares about kids
10. How he takes care of us
11. His work ethic
12. His huggability...he's so cuddly.
13. His generally positive i have to stop here...?
14. Okay just one more....lets pretend I can't count....I love our inside jokes. We have lots....and we're constantly picking up more. I love that....we always have something to laugh about. (Haombeurgeur....bwahaha)

And lest you think I'm still wearing rose colored glasses....
Thirteen Quirky Habits that drive me crazy............but I still love him anyways!
1. The way he doesn't automatically buckle up when he gets in the car...
2. When he says that he knew he wasn't buckled, he just wanted to hear my voice reminding him...LOL.
3. How he always eats all of his fries before he'll touch the sandwich.
4. The way he complains when I have the screen hiding the hamper but when the hamper is completely accessible, there are still piles of his clothes next to the bed like he was raptured instead of simply going to bed. (Love ya honey! LOL)
5. His bathroom....nuff said.....I could finish the thirteen on his bathroom alone....LOL.
6. How he reads his books....a chapter in this one and lay it down....pick that one up and read a this one and read a chapter....and not typically the first chapter....just whichever one opens up....FINISH one already. *grin*
7. The way he likes the house clean and tidy but drops his stuff whereever....not that I have much room to talk on that one....hehe.
8. He's always losing his keys...but refuses to attach them to his belt. I don't lose mine....I just lock them in the car....oh well.....we make a fine pair I guess.
9. How his socks end up wrong side out when they're peeled off his feet. And then it takes me an extra 15 minutes folding laundry from returning his socks to the correct side out before I can match them up and fold them....well maybe its not that long....=)
10. the way he complains about my driving but if he looks off and goes off the road a little bit, its no big deal.
11. while we're on the driving bout when he tells me to keep the Pilot under 65 mph to keep the mileage reasonable and save on gas but if he's driving the Pilot, 65 isn't the limit.....although I can't really complain...I kinda like getting to return the favor and telling him to ease off the gas a bit. Haha...
12. ummm...I'm running out of quirks....LOL....lucky me....poor him....the list of my quirks is unending....
13. uh....oh here's one....lack of communication....although he's better than some males, he's definitely a guy....sometimes a wife needs to know some things or else don't get mad when she can't read your mind and plan for what you didn't tell her. *grin*

Anyways, okay its getting sappy again, so if this bothers you, you should stop reading now. LOL

So KC, Happy Anniversary, baby! We've come a long way. How far we really have come will probably always be our secret, but you're the best, honey! I couldn't have asked for a better hubby and I'm a very lucky lady to have you. Thanks for always loving me, even when it got tough, and even when my list of quirky habits that drive you crazy was much longer than the ones that drive me crazy. You really are the best...everything...ever....and I love you MOST!

Okay sappy stuff over now....I really need to get some things to get done before KC gets home today.
I'll leave you with a couple of pictures for fun....they're forgive the poor quality.

Ain't they cute? LOL. Who'd a thunk they coulda ever been that sweet. Ha!

Till next time....

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ooh...I'm getting bad....

its been like 4 days since I've blogged. Oops. I've been really busy....Christmas is crazy and I have been a procrastinator this year. *sigh* Getting close to being finished though...thank heavens....and thank God I have like three days off before Christmas so maybe I can get everything finished then. *sigh* I've got a lot of stuff I want/need to get done before the we'll see.

Not a whole lot happenin in our world right now. I went to Walmart this morning to pick up a crib mattress for the kids room since I'm assuming we could get a phone call anytime....its been five weeks now and it was only supposed to take 3-4 to be put on the list....anyways, Walmart was out of crib mattresses....guess I'll check at the walmart near the house and see if they have one. I did get one of those changing table pads though....since we don't have one of those yet either. It would be really cool if we got a kid for Christmas (not that its cool that they have to leave their parents or whatever....but you know what I mean).....

Work has been kinda busy lately....they are getting ready to hire a General Manager and have been doing interviews yesterday and today....and I'm not on the hiring committee, but the staff has to go in and meet/ask questions after the committee finishes. I hate hate hate asking questions, but I don't mind listening. And I tell ya one thing....I sure wouldn't want to be the one in the hot seat....these people around here ask some TOUGH questions. Poor guy yesterday was so nervous he couldn't even smile. Least, I hope it was just nerves. I don't think anyone was impressed with the fact that he never relaxed, even when he was being given the tour and the interview thing was over. And the second guy yesterday liked to dance around the questions....he was all fluff and little substance. By the time he finished answering the questions, you forgot what was asked. He kinda seemed like he enjoyed listening to himself talk. But maybe he was nervous, too....maybe he just was one of the talky nervous types. LOL. Like I said, glad its not me.

Dum de do da....can't really think of anything else to say right now (although I had a lot I was going to blog about earlier, I just lost it somewhere in that black hole that is called my brain)....anyways, so I'm going to go now.


Friday, December 15, 2006


If I didn't already know it, last night was hubby is the best in the whole wide world. Bless his heart....and he's stuck with me!!! Yesterday he knew I was having a bad day and he was home a little before me so he started a load of laundry for me, and by the time I got home, he had a frozen pizza heated up and waiting for me and when he finished eating, he even washed the PAN and put it AWAY!!!! Then he helped me fold some of the laundry before he went in and started doing his work for the office. WHOA! He's such a sweetie! I love him! How'd I get so lucky??? It was felt like I got a lot of the laundry caught up just by him giving me that head start, and then I had a little time to read a book and still got in bed by 9:30.

Oh here's something funny.....see this lovely mutilated tomato??? Yeah. Well. I have very quirky cats. I'm not sure who the culprit is, but I'm almost positive that its Jango. He definitely takes after his mother in quirkiness. LOL. Anyways, I forget about this particular character trait of my lovable little feline every single time. It never fails, I buy tomatoes, I rarely put them in the fridge, I set them on the counter til I get ready to cut them....and so I did that last night. Walked in about an hour after I set them there and found one of them looking like this....luckily he hadn't gotten to the other one yet. So it was put in the fridge. He's so strange. I'm surprised he didn't get more of this one since normally I find bits an pieces when he gets through.....he also likes to clean the spaghetti sauce off my plate (paper plates) when we eat s'getti....must be the tomatoes. Strange cat.
In other lovely new (to me) pilot had a noisy belt this week and I took it to the honda place yesterday to have them change the oil and tell me what the noise was.....walked out of there with a $1500 estimate to repair the air compressor assembly which was "going bad." And, it was 8 days past the 30 day warranty. NO! Not good, not good. Well, so I know the salesman dude is really great about workin with ya after the sale, so I call him and tell him what they said. He says, well, you're over the warranty, but if you bring it down here, and let our service center look at it tomorrow morning, we'll see what they say and if it needs to be done, we'll give ya a better price. So i take it in this morning.....Herbie (like the luv bug...LOL) pulls it in the shop and looks at it....tinkers around under the hood for a few minutes and then comes back out and says...."your air compressor clutch is fine. I don't know what they were talking about that was "going bad" but its fine. The squeaking was from the belt which is a little dried out, so I lubricated it and its quiet as a mouse now. Those belts will probably need to be replaced in the near future, b/c they are a little worn, but thats no big deal. They operate on commission over there and it looks like they were just trying to sell ya, but you're fine." Oh. Nice. Thats so lovely to know. So I tell Darren what Herbie said so that he'll know its fine and he was like...."thats IT? just a squeaky belt? and they told you that you needed to replace the whole assembly??" then he started laughing...."they just saw you were a pretty young girl and decided to take advantage of that. Well, I'm glad it wasn't anything serious though, but if you have any more problems, you call me." Anyways, thats pretty much what KC told me the last time they tried to take me for a ride on the tire thing on the other I told Darren that...and that I took it somewhere else that time, too. LOL. I'm all about second opinions. =)
Well anyways, its time for lunch....going with the girls today to Fatz. MMM.....might just make up for having to work late tonight. *sigh* or not. Oh well.
Gotta run.
PS Not that I'm countin, but today is 11 of no caffeine (well, except for that one little swig out of KC's drink when they messed up the drink order and he drank Dr. Pepper. I couldn't resist. LOL)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another Meeting Blog Entry

So here we go again. Didn't have time yesterday to type this in, but here's yesterday's meeting notes....for what they're worth...LOL. I'm sure I'm the only one in the meeting with notes that didn't relate to the meeting (except when griping about the meeting length)....Haha....

Well, its another meeting blog entry. =) Seems like anymore, this is the only time I get to write (that I won't get in trouble for writing during...haha) a blog entry.

Anyways, news in my life right now....not a whole lot going on. We're still waiting on the foster parent was 4 weeks ago Tuesday that we signed the papers and agreements and stuff, and they said it takes 3-4 weeks to get put in the computer, so who knows. We're just waiting. Not that I'm getting cold feet, but I am getting a little anxious about it....kinda second guessing ourselves and the decision I guess. Is this the right thing? Are we sure? Do we REALLY want to do this? But then again, I've been doing that second guessing thing to myself a lot lately. For a person named Faith, I seem to be a little too "doubting Thomas"ish....LOL. *sigh* I'm very glad I have a wonderful husband to reassure me when I have severe "worry sessions." He's so good. Seriously! Honey, I couldn't survive without ya! =) *smiles*

Sheesh! It is COOKIN hot in here...I'm perspiring terribly bad. Turtleneck this morning wasn't such a great idea. Course, when I was hitting the snooze button for the third time while trying to reason with myself that I could still be ready in time if I cut out ironing by wearing a sweater....well, it seemed like a much better idea then. LOL.

Anyways, I was at lunch today, and I was picking up a to go plate at this cafeteria about five minutes from here, and I was getting ready to checkout and the girl asks me...hey do you work at ___??? I was like, uh,....yah? And she goes I thought so...I remember when you first got your hair cut over in the cosmetology dept, (apparently she was in the cosmetology program way back when) you were sooo afraid we were going to cut too much off....but its a lot shorter now than it was then! It looks good. Yikes! Its not really THAT much shorter! But thanks pointing that out. LOL. Anyways, I like it much better at this length....its way easier to take care of, and thank you very much its STILL LONG! Actually it needs trimming again, but I keep putting it off so it won't get any shorter till it grows back a little. *sigh* Oh well.

Hmm....sounds like the meeting is almost over! Woohooo! I'm still burning up though....ARGHHH. I think thats about all thats going on with me anyways, so....

URGH....well, I THOUGHT it was over. Think we just got an encore....aerlk;jjagjkkaewrlkk....noooo.....please....we're regurgitating it all back up again. come on, please let this be over!!!! I have doodled....blogged....wrote out a to-do list (a couple actually)....I'm running out of things to occupy myself with!!!! Come on...come on....Please! It's eight till 5....lets GO! I'll have to post this tomorrow. *sigh* At this rate, I won't even have time to shut down my computer before quitting time. *SIGH* ARGH....okay finally....its over. Walking out now.

PS....sometimes I really don't like meetings! *sigh*

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


*thanks to Denise for the title idea....very appropriate for my thoughts today*

Haven't been on here in a couple of days, been really busy, had a lot on my mind that is kinda hard to write out especially when there isn't enough time to think about it.....

Ya know, its so easy to gripe and complain and be unsatisfied with life in general....feeling down, getting sick, work....ya know.

At this particular moment I'm aggravated b/c I'm sitting here at work waiting for responses from several different people in order to be able to complete the tasks that I've been working on today, and it doesn't look like I'll get what I need in time to get finished b/c I just got a phone call from a friend who had surgery on her foot last week and can't go anywhere....her kid is sick and needs to go to the dr but she can't find anybody who can take him and she can't b/c of her foot (literally). So I'm gonna be heading out in a few minutes to go pick him up and take him to the doctor and then take him back home....which I'm not complaining about that part in the least....its the work stuff that is aggravating me right now.

But then I think about what this lady on Scrapjazz is going through today....
see these links: Yesterday AM, Teegan photos, Silent Night, Update makes me realize how important perspective really is. How silly is it to be frustrated about a stupid project when I should be thankful I have a job. To be thankful that I have a home and the capability to go pick up my friend's child and take him to the Dr for her. Sure I have a cold, but at least I'm still alive, and I haven't lost anyone that I dearly loved and then have to turn around and face a Christmas missing them. What a sad thought.

My thoughts and prayers are with that family. How incredibly sad.

Friday, December 08, 2006

I miss my dr pepper

Well, this is officially day 4 of no caffeine. When I got sick on Tuesday and felt a little queasy, I automatically switched to Sprite and didn't even realize that I'd passed the caffeine headache stage until day 3 (thanks to all the painkillers in the nyquil and tylenol I was downing for my achy body)....when I got to work and thought...hmm...its been two days since I've had a Dr Pepper....oh I want one, but hey....guess now is as good a time as any to kick the habit....AGAIN. LOL. So....its been lovely AQUA for me today....and to alleviate the craving for fizzy stuff, I have had one Sierra Mist. Yuck. Lame, weak stuff. *sigh*

Not sure if its connected to the lack of caffeine or not, but I have felt...I don't know what the best word for it is....down....i guess....all day today. I really don't know why, but its just a depressing "blue" feeling. *sigh* *again* I hate that.

Today I ate leftovers for lunch. Now I realize for most people, this is not an uncommon practice, but me and KC....well...we are so not "LEFTOVER" people. I always save them, but by the time we get around to eating them, well....they have turned into gross experiments....or worse. So, as you can imagine, for me to actually take the time to bring a leftover dish to work, reheat it, AND eat it....well, that's a pretty huge deal for me. LOL. Cuz ya see, there have also been times when I've TRIED to do I'd actually bring it to work and end up going out for lunch instead b/c I really didn't want to eat the leftovers.....and then the same thing would happen in the work refrigerator that happens in the home refrigerator....yah, so to eat them....well, its pretty abnormal. Like me. LOL

*sigh* tonight we're probably going shopping. We need groceries AND we need to do our Christmas shopping, so I'm guessing we'll probably be doing one or both of those chores tonight. Joy. Or maybe tomorrow....yah, tomorrow sounds good.

Don't procrastinate today. Do it tomorrow.'s my new (if somewhat hateful) response to bad parents: (not that I'd actually be mean enough to say it to a bad parent...being the nice person that I am): "It's people like you that make it necessary for people like me to provide foster care."

Okay...guess that's it for today.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bad Blogger

Yikes. Bad me. I was sick Tuesday afternoon and then Wednesday and today I'm playing catch up. That plus I haven't had a lot to say....strange for me.

I've had random things running through my head but they probably wouldn't make much sense if I typed them out. but...who cares....i never make sense when the thoughts AREN'T random...LOL.

why is it that people that can afford to support kids are the ones that can't have any and the people who can barely afford to feed themselves seem to feel that the Bible verse in Genesis: "And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth." was only meant for them, so they are extremely busy OVERPOPULATING the earth rather than taking care of the population they've already created. ARGH. Okay, that was kinda hateful I guess. I guess you couldn't tell that little facts like that irritate me. No, I'm not mad about it....not at ALL.

for some reason its so easy to worry about things that are beyond our control. I think I must get that from my mom. *sigh*

things at work have gone off the deep end. this is bad. this is very not good. *crawling under my desk and holding my head* LOL....well, maybe not quite to that point yet, but that one little event....yep. its bad.

its also cold. i hate cold without snow. bummer. I heard that it was snowing up near avery county. too bad thats up in the mountains from us....cuz ya know we won't see any of that.

Hey Denise, those christmas funnies were cute! Have you seen the calvin and hobbes comics where he's built all the snow things? LOL. Those are cute, too.

My nose is threatening to drip now so I'm gonna go fix that problem.. I'll try to come post some more random thoughts tomorrow.
till then...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


its been a few days since I've posted....besides the fact that I've been terribly busy, I have been trying to keep from getting sick....the last part has finally caught up with me. I'm getting ready to go home...I shouldn't have even bothered coming to work today but as much trouble as it was to get it set up to get the little piece of the dashboard replaced, I didn't want to cancel that appt. but after I got to work and realized that I was now stuck without a vehicle and feeling totally rotten, I started kicking myself. My favorite thing to say about myself....and its too true....

That was dumb....oh well....I'm not known for my intelligence. LOL

*sigh* I hope this is just the flu and not a relapse of that mono stuff that I had a few years feels different than the flu and thats not a good sign. But my car is ready, so in 45 minutes mom is going to give us a ride over there to pick it up and then I'm letting CV drive us home (or at least to her house....hopefully I can make it home from there). *nother note to self regarding those alkaseltzer horse pills: when it says drowsiness may occur, thats a good sign that you shouldn't take them while you're supposed to be working* *sigh again*

I'll leave you with a lovely picture from Sunday's Photo Session....this is what I was doing last night. Whew...there was a lot. There's a couple more over on my photoblog.



Saturday, December 02, 2006


Thats ALL i gotta say about that.

Some random items to note:

I'm exhausted. Got a load of laundry waiting to be folded on my bed and another one in the dryer. Got the scrapbook party stuff cleaned up and tomorrow's picture session stuff set up. Got 2 pages finished today and 2 more started....yay. The tent revival is through...tomorrow is services as usual. It was REALLY cold in the tent tonight. I hate dialup. This is why I don't post on the weekends. Yuck. I'm slowly going crazy (so what else is new). I'm going away now to do the going crazy thing.

Oh wait....almost forgot. I had an AWFUL nightmare last night. It was sooo so so real, and I HATE those. I'm not sure if it was b/c I am currently in the middle of that series of books about the Holocaust and all the things that were going on during that period of time or if it was the fact that I had a hot fudge sundae before bed...maybe both. It was terrible. I still remember vividly some parts of it, and those dreams that you remember hours and hours later are really bad.

I don't remember all the details but the first part that is stuck in my mind was we were up in the backwoods somewhere and it was me and this one guy that I know in real life that totally gives me the creeps, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend's kid and we were in a car and for some reason, KC had left me there and was going to come back and get me....I was in the backseat and the creepy guy stuck his arm around me and I was incredibly scared and was screaming and pulling away from him and that must have flipped him off the deep end....blank spot of memory...but suddenly he's got the girlfriend's kid and is torturing him with a knife and cutting on him and all kinds of stuff in retaliation b/c I screamed when he put his arm around me and I'm screaming again and trying to get to the kid to get him away from the guy and someone is holding me back. Its kinda blank, but I'm pretty sure that it was the girlfriend b/c I remember thinking, are you CRAZY? Why are you doing this...why aren't YOU helping him, thats YOUR kid, lady!!!! And the guy is threatening to kill us all and I'm praying that KC comes back quick and then blank again. Next thing I know, we're in this car, KC is with us, and the girlfriend is driving and we're trying to follow the guy who has the kid with him and I'm hysterical and screaming at the girlfriend to get moving and try to catch him b/c she's not really acting concerned at all....then I wake up.....

I was sooo hot when I woke up...I actually got up and checked the thermostat to see if the temperature was set too was actually a couple degrees colder than normal....

Where in the world would a dream like that come from? Creeped me out completely. *shudder* I was afraid to go back to sleep b/c I knew it would continue if I feel back to sleep. Maybe its just delayed reaction from seeing all those terrible and sad pictures of the abused children that have gone through foster care, I don't know, but I do know this, if I see that guy in real life, I don't think I'll be able to get near him. That dream was TOO real.

I remember when I was a kid I had this dream (and still remember it) about being stuck in a hospital and my whole family was also stuck in the hospital and somehow I figured out that the hospital was like one of those physician assisted death places and all the people that they were giving shots to were dying and I was trying to warn my family and I didn't make it in time and then they stuck a needle in me and I felt myself passing out....and woke up. Then like a couple weeks later, we go in the pharmacy at Walmart to pick up medicine and the guy behind the counter in the white lab coat was HIM! The one who was giving the shots that was killing people. I hid behind mom (and I was a big enough kid that I could barely still do that.....) I remember steering clear of the pharmacy after that b/c I was scared to death of that guy. Weird. I don't remember what he looked like now, but I still look at the faces of the male pharmacy guys to make sure its not HIM....LOL. Crazy I know.

I'm going to go read a book now. Now last night's dream is fresh again and its almost time for bed....guess THAT was a bad idea. *sigh*

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


So I'm sitting in the staff meeting here at work composing this blog entry as I listen to all this tech talk about the programming end of the business. Its flying all over the air above my head, but its not making a bit of I'm t.....errrr....that part concerned me....stop for a moment to make a note here....okay back to tuning out. Right now they are discussing the prejam event which I have ZERO interest in, except for the fact that I just got the task of making some banners for the stage. Its just a wild party that I have no desire to partake all. No, I don't want to help staff it, and no, I don't want to even attend....for starters, the guy who is MCing drives me up the wall. Spend time listening to him? I'd rather sit at home and count the cat hairs that are piling up on Jango's favorite seat. Plus listening to music late at night in the midst of people getting drunk and who knows what all else just has no appeal to this lil straight-laced church of God chick.

Anyways....I'm going to have to continue this post later. I don't have any time left. One thing I'm sure glad of, is that I don't have to handwrite blog entries....that is why I blog rather than journal. It took me about 3/4 of the staff meeting to write the entry and about 3 minutes to type out the first 1/3 of it. I just don't have another 6 minutes to finish the rest, so I'll come back later and type up the rest.

Later ya'll!

Okay...I'm back. Picking up where I left off....

So I found a new blog...these two teen girls from my church have "followed my example." Yahgherlarrrrrgh!!!! Scary thought, that. So anyways, someone asked me if I'd seen ___ & ___'s blog and I said, no, what's their link and they didn't have it right off, so I go to the girls and ask for their site {innocently...and for curiousity's sake} and she laughs and says oh yeah, we looked at your blog to figure out how to do it. {arrrgh....oh nooo....another 'people looking at my blog' incident to freak me out and not only that, these are impressionable preacher's kids...I'm gonna REALLY have to start 'censoring' my posts now...LOL!} So I'm like, you're on blogspot then? Yep. So I go check it out.....they're just getting it going, but it looks like they've got a good start. SO. If any of my blog buddies would like to go visit them and encourage their latest endeavor, that would be really nice. =) =) =)

Argh. This meeting is STILL going on...and its about 20 til 5....wonder if I'll have a minute to quickly type this into a new post before we leave. Hmmm. [and the answer to that was no, obviously....LOL]

Anything else? Um....can't think of much else going on right now. This week is some serious busy (again). We have tent revival near the church that the choir is going to be singing at....Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night. Speaking of the choir, last night was choir practice....ugh. My DH, the slavedriver, gave me a solo...not that I'm complaining b/c it's a great song and everything but its HARD. That, plus I'm terrible with timing when I get nervous (good thing I don't play the drums huh? HA) and the hard part of the song is the timing. Its not so bad when I'm singing it in my car, but when there's a mic in my hand and people listening and I'm trying to figure out where I'm at in relation to the music....well, lets just say its showing a painfully accurate snapshot of my singing abilities....or lack thereof, to be more precise. *sigh* I hope God still works miracles...cuz if I'm that terrible in practice without being in front of a crowd, its gonna TAKE a miracle when we sing it in church. *SIGH*

Okay gripe over. Everything else is going good. The kids room project is at a standstill, due to lack of time. Oh ya, I forgot, the other thing contributing to lack of free time this week is Saturday, the crop party is at my house (woohoo....that monthly cropping thing is one of the cool things thats happened this year) and then Sunday after church, I've got a photo session with a family at church, so I have zero personal time for the rest of this week. Its okay though. I ain't mad about it. LOL.

Well, thats all I wrote in the meeting, so now I'm going to a busy day today and need to get moving.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Well I Survived Friday....

Mostly in one piece....although I can't say the same for our bank account...LOL. Anyways, surviving the first day at work after vacation....thats a different story. Haha. Been busy and no time to post anything seriously deep, but sometime last week I got

Book Survey
1. One book that changed your life: The Bible
2. One book that you’ve read more than once: All of the Dee Henderson Everyday Heroes Series: True Honor, True Valor, True Courage....and I don't remember the title of the last one...True something. (haha...)
3. One book you’d want on a desert island: Survival for Dummies (LOL) Or maybe How To Get Rescued (hehee)
4. One book that made you laugh: The Amelia Bedelia Kids Books
5. One book that made you cry: I think it was The Healer by Dee Henderson....(if that was the one of the O'Malley Series where Jennifer died....I don't usually cry like that over a book.
6. One book that you wish had been written: How To Fix Men (bwahahaha)
7. One book that you wish had never been written: The Satanic Bible (I haven't read it either, Denise, but I agree with you....I don't like that its even out there)
8. One book you’re currently reading: The Danzig Passage (Bodie & Brock Thoene)
9. One book you’ve been meaning to read: Everybody's Normal Till You Get To Know Them
10: Tag other People: Sheesh....I don't know who reads this to even see it besides Denise and I guess I'll tag anyone who fits this: You read this, You have a blog, Your name isn't Denise or Becky....if that's you, then tag, you're it. LOL.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Guess what....I just realized that today is Thursday. I'm sure this is probably the most original thursday thirteen ever, but I think I'll just start this post with a Thirteen Things I'm Thankful For.....

1. I'm definitely thankful to be alive.
2. I'm thankful for God and His Son
3. I'm thankful that God allowed me to be part of His family.
4. I'm thankful for my handsome hubby....he's just awesome.
5. I'm thankful that my handsome, awesome hubby grew a mustache and goatee just b/c he knows how much I like it. Wasn't that sweet? I love that! Plus he's totally sexy with it....not that he wasn't before, of course. LOL.
6. I'm thankful that we are going to be foster parents...and hopefully someday permanent parents.
7. I'm thankful I'm only 23 and I still have a lot of life ahead of me (I hope).
8. We live in an awesome house that doesn't need a whole lot of repairs constantly....thats wonderful!
9. We are pretty healthy for the most part....I really don't think we truly appreciate that as much as we should. 10. We have been blessed with good jobs and good vehicles to get there.
11. We have loving parents and both sets are still together. I think both of our siblings got sidetracked somewhere, but I guess I can be thankful we at least HAVE siblings. LOL.
12. I'm thankful for this favorite place to vent, ramble, etc....and also meet new friends...especially the ones who post comments that make me laugh. You know who you are. =)
13. and last but certainly not least....I'm thankful for EVERYTHING. Even the bad, b/c there is always good that comes out of it...somewhere. =)

I could go a lot farther than thirteen, but I think #13 pretty much wraps it up. LOL.

thanksgivingdinnerAnyways. so thanksgiving went well....we went to my inlaws this afternoon and she fixed a very delicious meal for us (see, I'm saying that and she doesn't even read this blog, so you know I'm not just saying it....LOL.) She actually did very good...she fixed enough for the four of us and that was it. There was plenty to fill us up, but you know how thanksgiving dinners usually many leftovers you can eat until Christmas and still throw some away...haha. But she did good, only leftovers for maybe one more meal.

And I made my famous pumpkin roll (straight out of the Betty Crocker Cookbook...but its famous b/c its a complicated feat that I actually get to turn out properly...HA!). pumpkinroll2And just this last time of making it, I figured out the TRICK to making it come out in one piece without using the icing to stick it back together after it fell apart (LOL...too bad I didn't take pictures of the first efforts...that would have been funny!). So I was looking at my pan before I got started, thinking...hmm...what in the world could I use to keep it from sticking...b/c that is ALWAYS where the ONLY problem happens...pumpkinroll1when its time to pop it out of the just doesn't "POP!" It usually requires scraping and "plopping." So the trick is something that I remember mom doing many moons ago when she was baking....wax paper. It worked wonders! See? It was so perfect. I hated to cut it. *sigh* Oh well.

And that lovely piece of artistic pumpkin roll wasn't the only thing that got accomplished this morning either. kidsroom1 Check out the progress on our lovely kids room. I actually ironed the valances and *nagged KC (*according to KC...of course, I wasn't really nagging...LOL) into hanging the curtain rod for me this morning. kidsroom3
The crib is still lacking a few the third rail and...the part that holds the mattress...not to mention the mattress itself (minor details) but the room is definitely coming along nicely. kidsroom2kidsroomlamp
KC's mom gave us this lamp that looks adorable with the bumble bee stuff and the silver drawer hardware matches the curtain rod. coordinated. I love it! Still a few things we need to pick up, but we're getting there.

Speaking of shopping, I really have lost my mind now...I can't believe I actually agreed to this, but I told KC I'd get up with him at 3:30 in the morning and go stand in line to get some "deals" in Hickory on the day after thanksgiving. I think we're both crazy b/c I hate crowds and Hickory is terrible for this small town chick anyways, much less during the crazy frenzy on the day after thanksgiving. Yep. Stupid. I'm sure the fact that he promised we could also go to at least 2 of the three craft stores while we're there didn't have a bit to do with me agreeing to go. Nope. Not in the least. LOL. Well, I'll let you know if I survive. In the meantime, I need to be hitting the sack. Its ten and three-thirty is going to come mighty early. *sigh*


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Do I really feel like blogging right now? No. Not really. But I am experiencing a tinge of withdrawal so I figured I'd better run over and fix I can get back to the lovely newest Dee Henderson book that I'm totally immersed in at the moment. It's called "Before I Wake" and she is an awesome writer.

Anyways, I survived the weekend. The Buckeyes beat Michigan, so the family was happy. I was happy cuz I was over on KC's laptop in the corner playing Sims2 Holiday Edition while everyone else was watching the game. That game could get very addictive (The Sims, not OSUvsMI)...I'm kinda glad I don't get into it much on a regular basis, otherwise I really WOULDN'T have a life. LOL.

So a little hiccup over the weekend was that I came down with a cold for pretty much the whole trip. *sigh* Lovely Alkaselzer (or however you spell it) all weekend. So much fun. *note to self....when the back of the package says "take with water" then you should probably not use a fizzy drink like sprite to take the alkaselzer pills with....* *note to self #2....make sure the pill is securely in your mouth before sticking your mouth to the sprite bottle otherwise the pill could easily pop INTO the sprite bottle* LOL *note to self #3....don't try to drink the whole bottle at once when trying to get the pill back out, b/c once you do get the pill out, all that fizz in your stomach and the pill mixed up....well, its not good.* LOL

Then when we got back Sunday night, I literally crashed at 6pm....woke up a few times to use the bathroom, and then got up at 6:30 the next morning and took a shower and decided I didn't feel up to going to work so I went back to bed and didn't wake up until 12:30. That NE-VER happens. Unless I'm sick. The only time I can sleep more than 8-10 hours without getting a terrible headache is if I'm sick. I was seriously out of it. I went to work today, still not feeling terrific, but better than yesterday. Besides the fact that missing work yesterday made today a huge game of catchup, the plus side of all that is that although I'm working my tail off to get everything done, thanksgiving vacation starts tomorrow at lunch. Yay!

Here's a random thing....totally grossed me out. I was walking through Walmart the other day, completely minding my own business and I almost tripped over this chick sitting in the floor next to her cart....breastfeeding her kid right there in the privacy blanket or anything. HEL-LO! They have bathrooms for that ya know! Or at least use a blanket. Or maybe even go to the baby department....not sitting in front of the digital camera display in the photocenter. DUH!

Otay. Thats all for today. I'm going back to my book.

Friday, November 17, 2006

HA! My fellow evil-minded co-worker read my mind...

Thanks for the comment, have now earned a post on my blog. *GRIN*

So a little background history....she and I don't REALLY have evil minds, we both just have a lot of dealings in our day to day work with a bunch of mentally immature individuals....which creates a lot of stress....hence this little joke between us. I was seriously thinking about using this for today's post, but she beat me to it, so I'm gonna post her comment. =) Enjoy!

"Not so much a "quote of the day", but helpful nonetheless............

1. Picture yourself near a stream.

2. Birds are softly chirping in the cool mountain air.

3. No one but you knows your secret place.

4. You are in total seclusion from the hectic world.

5. The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.

6. The water is crystal clear.

7. You can easily make out the face of the person you're holding underwater.

8. See? You're smiling already.

Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Suse"

LOL!!! Hah! Thanks, Susan. I'm feeling much better now!

Actually, today I'm not really feeling like holding people under, I'm feeling like holding "WORK" under b/c its not people that are bugging me today, its WORK. I am SO incredibly tired. Thank God there are only 15 minutes left in this lovely Friday!

This weekend is the Ohio State/Michigan game.....which everyone in my DH's family is getting together to watch at KC's uncle's house. JOY. Unfortunately for me, I'm not a huge football fan...I like OH State cuz my dh likes OSU...LOL. Part of that "being ONE" side of marriage....haha. Anyways, I'm giving serious consideration to taking KC's laptop and my scrapbook that needs journalled (can't print, but I can get it ready to print when I get home) and possibly a computer game that I never have time to play. Might as well make the most of the downtime. *grin*

Thats about all the news in my life right now. I can't remember what I've posted about and what I haven't. Yesterday was crazy and I never had time to come back and post and I don't remember what I even had on my mind yesterday so oh well. I should probably re-read my posts and refresh my memory before I post anything else.

anywho....I gotta get off here. so....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fun Quote of the Day

Another busy day, but my fellow evil-minded coworker sent me a forward with this quote on it. I lol'd for at least five minutes and thought I'd share.

"Some people are like slinkies....
they're not really good for anything....but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs."


Might come back later and post if i get some time.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

Okay....not quite so wordless and I have a lot of stuff in my head today but I don't have time so you get this. Enjoy! To borrow the caption from the allfunnypictures site...."driving's good...luck not so good"


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What I've been up pictures

So here's the bunkbed....KC and I put it together last night and its all set up in the room. That was fun....let me just tell ya...whoever wrote those instructions needs to go to "instruction writing school." LOL. They were TERRIBLE directions. But we finally got it together. I used to have a futon bunkbed, so I was somewhat familiar with how they went together...good thing!


The little nightstand next to it is one of the finished freshly painted (except to put the drawer back in) pieces of kids furniture that KC bought at the consignment shop in Gastonia.

And here is the rest of the furniture from our painting efforts on Sunday afternoon...


The crib is looking NICE! It was white originally but I really like it in black better. That part of it is almost finished, we just have to finish the rail that slides up and down and put it back together....and we need a mattress for it, but otherwise, its good to go. The nightstand and dresser were PUKEY hospital green originally...WITH handpainted flowers in gold. EW. Definitely better in black and I'm thinking of painting some white and yellow bumble bees on there to match the crib set. (And then someday when we put it back in the consignment shop, someone will buy it and go...EW, black with bumblebees? YUCK...I'm gonna paint it pukey green and put flowers on it....ROFL!!!)

And then these.........are from the second session (the senior pictures) I did on Saturday. Sneak preview....cuz these two are the only ones that I've edited so far. I'll put the rest of them over on the photography page when I finish...along with the ones from the other session (my in-laws....won't make any comments about that....I'm trying to be good. LOL)


This one is my fav....isn't she cute?


And this one ain't half bad. In case she looks familiar, she was one of the four sisters from the session a couple of weeks ago....

ETA: okay....the rest of the senior session is now posted here!

ETA AGAIN: now the inlaw session is finished and a few of them are posted over on my photography page.

Otay. Thats about it for today....not a whole lot happ'nin' besides just trying to get all my work done so I can leave early and get to the final meeting with our licensing worker to do the last stuff for our foster care license. YES!!!!! Finally....after today, then we'll just be waiting for the license to go through!


Monday, November 13, 2006

Another Weekend Over

Whew...I'm tired. Not seeing any possibilities to remedy that anytime soon either. *sigh*

Friday night we had revival at church (and Saturday night and Sunday, too).
Saturday morning I got up early and cleaned the house and set up the "studio" in the garage. Did two of the three sessions (the third one cancelled) and then took down the studio. That took a good part of the day and then I still have to do the editing. I'll post some of those later.

After the photography thing on Saturday, I actually COOKED supper. WHOA! Yes, its true...miracles still happen. LOL. Okay, so I did cheat a LITTLE...I used chicken that was already cooked and cut into strips, but I chopped up the onion and peppers and cooked it all and put the quesadilla's together and all that. They turned out REALLY yummy. I'm gonna have to try them more often. No recipe either....just winging it. *grin* Some days I'm actually impressed with myself. LOL. Hey, what can I say, at least I'm easy to please. Ha! =) again and between services we painted the furniture for the kids was a pukey green and now its a lovely black to match the bunk bed that KC bought today. Yay! Now all we need is a couple of mattresses, finish painting the furniture and set it all up in there. WOOHOO! Can't wait to see the bumble bee set up in the room. I'll take a picture and post it when its finished.

Anyways, today I'm really tired. It took me till way after lunch to finally wake up. LOL. Thats pretty bad, huh? Oh well.

By the way, I had a new commenter on the last post that really made my day. What a sweet bright spot in my otherwise sleepy morning. Thanks, Cami, for taking the time to leave a comment. I couldn't tell by your profile if you have a blog or not, if you do, let me know. And as always, Becky and Denise, my faithful commenting blog buddies, thanks to you, too for your comments. Its nice to hear from all ya'll peoples. =) I feel so loved. =)

Well...its about quittin time so catcha...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #7

But its really an updated version of TT#5....*GRIN* (another unofficial....I'm gonna have to get off my lazy rear end really soon and do a good thirteen...LOL)

1. Backdrop holder for my photography thing
2. My Creative Companion 2 (to go with the volume 1 that I've already got...on my shelf to do something with once I have time to scrapbook again)
3. Digital Scrapbooking 5 (this is a really cool book on my latest scrap addiction)
4. Bumble Bee Crib Set for the kids bedroom of the kids we don't have yet....this set is SOO cute and it could be a boy OR a girl, so it would work no matter which one comes our way.....once we get licensed anyways! SCRATCH THIS ONE....KC ordered it for me already....ooh, i love that boy! *GRIN* And it is totally darling!
5. Um...don't remember what this link is for, but I think its for paper....i love scrapbook paper!
6. More paper (did i mention i LOVE scrapbook paper?...LOL)
7. Chipboard (this stuff is almost cooler than paper!)
8. a Graphire Tablet for the computer. I am totally not sure what this would be like, but it looks and sounds really cool and I have noticed several bloggers mentioning it, so it must be cool! LOL (oh yeah and expensive, too....don't worry honey, its just a wish list, I'm not that unrealistic. LOL)
9. The Me Book from Autumn Leaves. If I remember, I'll try to come back and link that.
10. Baby Toys
11. Money (this kid stuff is getting expensive)
12. Gift cards to kid stores or craft stores....(yeah i know, thats really original)
13. Any of the simple scrapbooks or k&Co scrapbook kits (love kits)

Okay...thats thirteen and its time to go.

Later, ya'll.

ooh look....PICTURES! of the new "MOM-MOBILE" (hahaha) I love love love it! Its Sa-weeeet!

And here it is....sitting in our driveway:

and another angle:

And as a bonus....daddadddaaaadummmmm....
I found these pictures on my disk when I got the pilot pictures off....forgot I took them. ....while I was driving home from work awhile back. The funny thing is I just lifted the camera (WHILE I WAS DRIVING....LOL) and snapped....didn't look, nothing....i just knew the general picture I was trying to get....and I kinda sorta got what I wanted. *GRIN* kewl.

This is the point and shoot picture....didn't zoom far enough, but the picture turned out rather cool:
tree little picture

and this is what I was trying to get (the zoomed in version). It would have been better if I'd had my big camera and zoomed in better, cuz this one is slightly fuzzy due to the digital zoom-in, but you get the general idea.
littletree little picture
i just like that little tree all by itself in the middle of that pasture and the mountains behind it. Its just cool.

Okay...thats it for now. The auditors are here at work (driving me crazy, I might add) and I have to go pull a bunch of files and records for them to go over. *HUGE SIGH* GRRR. If I get done before midnight, I might come back and blog a bit.

Later, ya'll!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Blah Blah BLAH!

I so totally do not love rainy days. I'm totally dragging today. I'm sitting here at my desk, its very overcast and sleepylooking out the window and I'm stuffing envelopes. Zzzzz. Can it get any worse than that? Okay, yeah, it can, but for now, trying to keep my eyes at least half open under the ten pound weights in my eyelids is feeling pretty rough. *Sigh*

Well....things are moving right along. Yesterday....


And of course, I absolutely LOVE it! Its very sweet. Fun drive, much better than a minivan, although it's really gonna take some getting used to....way different to have a vehicle that can haul 8 people comfortably vs 5. Feels like a bus in comparison. But I like it. I'm gonna get a picture soon. Go figure that it would rain the day after I get it so the nice detail work they did on it before I drove it off the lot is muddied up. *sigh*

Anyways, after I left work to go to the bank and get all that loan stuff wrapped up yesterday, I went in to get my TB test checked and my physical. (Let me tell ya, that was SO much fun....can you HEAR the sarcasm in my voice? LOL) The good news is I'm healthy. Yay! TB test was negative (although that was pretty much a given) and the paperwork is filled out ready to turn in.....

and speaking of paperwork, our fingerprints are back! Yay again! We're not criminals. LOL...another given. So now we have to make another appointment to finish going over the application and then she'll turn it all in. I'm not sure if we have to have the beds and all ready to go before the next visit...hopefully not. I'm hoping we'll have a few weeks to get that ready while the licensing is going through. If we do, then we are going to be in a super frenzy for the next week to get all that done. Yow.

Saw a church sign the other day that made me laugh....
"If things are going wrong...don't go with them!"
Too true. And on the church sign thing, remember that kooky church sign that had weird coded messages or something? Its been completely boring and predictable lately. Ya know, the "Welcome Bro Whats-his-face Speaking this Sunday"....kinda stuff. BO-ring. LOL. Maybe that guy got replaced....b/c he was arrested for passing secret messages or something. LOL. Then again, he was really old, so maybe he died. Ooh, now there is a morbid thought! Sorry, shouldn't laugh. So I'm not LOL'ing. LOL. Yes, I'm weird. Sorry.

Not a whole lot besides all that going on. Today is voting day. YUCK. So that means I have to take some time off again to go all the way back home to my...whatever that word is....the place where I have to vote. District? Whatever. The last time I voted, I wasn't sure where I was supposed to was so retarded....I stood in line at THREE different places...the first one said, sorry, you're at the wrong place, it doesn't matter what you were told, go to this one. So I go there....and they say the same thing, only go to spot number three. It took me like 3 hours to finally get a vote in. I was ready to cry by the end of it. Needless to say, if I go there tonight and they say I'm in the wrong place....well.....too bad. LOL. Tonight is choir practice, too. *sigh* Now that our classes are over, choir practice is back on Tuesday nights. Oh well.

*sigh* Need to hop off here. Will be back with pictures of my new hot wheels soon! *GRIN* Speaking of pictures on this blog, yes I realize I'm seriously lacking in that area and I do apologize. And speaking of posting pictures...I found a post when I was blog surfing from a foster parent that said they couldn't post pictures of foster children or talk about details on the case on their blog....which I kinda figured the case details part, but no pictures either? Thats a bummer....I'll have to ask....just to make sure. *sigh*

Well....later, ya'll!

PS thanks for your comment on the last post, Denise...its white, 2003, EX-L edition and I promise I'll get pictures soon!!!!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006


I am BEAT! Updated to-do list:
1: check
2: check
3: didn't get that one done
4: check
5: check
6: oops...this one didn't quite get done either
7: sorta check....its partly done
8: check (thanks to recruiting some good-looking help....thanks KC!)
9: check
10: check
11: check
12: check
13: check
14 and many more: check check check.....LOL.

Oh by the way, the home visit was great. We're waiting on our fingerprints to get back and as soon as they do, she'll get with us again and pick up the final stuff (the paperwork from our drs on our tests and physicals) and then she'll mail it off and we'll wait some more. Sounds like maybe around 4 weeks from now? Maybe. YAY! We have so much to do now. We have to get a crib/toddler bed, a set of bunkbeds, rearrange the rooms to fit the new bedding arrangements, store the old bed, etc etc etc. I never really realized how much STUFF there was to kids....and having them. LOL.

Well....thats life for us right now. We're heading out now to run over to look at bunk beds....we looked at a Honda Pilot this morning (ya know even the car has to be bigger when kids are in the picture....LOL) anyways, Lord willing, we're going to go back on Monday and get it....IF it's still there. If not, then I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I HATE waiting, but KC's right (as usual....LOL) its better if we think about it over the weekend instead of impulse buying. *GRIN* Ugh I hate that. Okay....nuff rambling. Hope everyone is having a great weekend...I'm really enjoying having the house so clean before the weekly cleaning day, cuz it felt like I had today off. *GRIN*

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Another un-official one b/c I'm too lazy to go make it official. LOL. Not to mention its not really creative today....

Thirteen things on my to-do list before Friday evening:
1. Clean my desk....definitely needs some reorganization since it currently has multiple piles of junk sitting on it at present. Not an attractive sight!
2. Clean my shower. Has pink mold....ew. Must clean.
3. Organize my pictures and get some stuff ready for scrappin on Saturday.
4. Sweep the front porch.
5. Trash the dead flowers.
6. Pick the poor neglected pepper plant that is sitting on my front porch.
7. Wash the front porch (have you got the picture yet that my front porch is kinda in need of some serious cleaning?)
8. Finish organizing the garage.
9. Do the laundry.
10. Get my TB test at 8:30 Friday morning.
11. Get the fire inspection done at 10 Friday morning.
12. Get the cats rabies shots at 11:30 Friday morning.
13. Dust
14. Oh wait....this is supposed to be thirteen. LOL. Unfortunately there are a lot more than 13 things on my to-do list. YIKES. Well....I'm headed home to get started.

Later, ya'll! Happy Thursday.
OH PS....I HAVE THE DAY OFF WORK TOMORROW! YAHOOOOOO! Oh...but wait....with that to-do list, does it really look like its a day "OFF?" Hmm.....oh well. Later!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ugh, my face hurts

I had to drop by and post b/c I've been getting lazy about it the last few times. *grin* I've only missed a couple of days but it feels like a lot to me. Oh well.

Anyways, some days I wish I wasn't such a klutz. Yesterday was one of them. I went to lunch with my lunch buddies and good gravy. Someday I might actually learn to eat in public without embarrassing myself. I lost count of the mishaps....but by the end of lunch, I had dropped my fork into my food (*SPLAT* I'm sure thats how the food ended up in all those places outside of my plate), stuck my elbow in food, had food smeared on my other hand, AND a bit in my hair. Let me tell ya, they really enjoyed pointing all that out ENTIRELY too much. *GRIN* Good thing I'm a good sport. But then I go home and get back in the cleaning thing and I'm working in the hall closet and organizing the games. So I stick a stack of the three heaviest game boxes up on the shelf...all nicely stacked and everything....and next thing I know the top one is sliding off....and falls....and the edge of box bopped me on the nose, right between my eyes. OW! Today my whole face hurts across my cheekbones. I am countin my blessings far I don't have a black eye (or two) b/c come on, that would be perfect for the home visit on Friday (no ma'am, he really doesn't beat me, I promise....LOL....yeah that would be bad).

Well....thats all for today folks....I've got some thoughts brewing in my brain....might come let them out later if I have time. So until then....


Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I'm kinda sorta in a good mood today. Gooder than normal. LOL. I'm waiting on my boss so I thought I'd check in here really quick. I haven't posted in a couple of days and its not b/c I'm that busy, but its been really busy at work and I haven't had time to take a minute to post. Which is a good thing, I guess, since the days tend to go by faster that way.

Anyways, back to the "happiness" topic, I have been cleaning out the house for the last couple of days....trying to get all the "junk" (clutter) extracted from our living spaces. For one, that always leaves me with an extremely "happy" feeling b/c I hate hate hate clutter. But anyhow, I was cleaning out the coffee table last night (am I the only one who collects magazines to "read later"????....LOL) and I was dumping a few but stopped to flip through one of them and read this little article about "getting happy" that was really very interesting. The very first tip was "Fake it." Like for example when you're walking in to your office at work and you aren't in a happy mood, fake it. Smile and say "good morning" to everyone you see and before you know it, you won't be "faking" anymore. I sat and thought about this for a minute, and I think that is actually true. Another one was to read something to make you smile....and on that note:

Here are couple little pages from one of those little desk calendars I found when I was cleaning out. (only a year or so old...LOL). Anyways, they made me smile....

"This elevator is out of whack.
More whack is on order."
-sign on an elevator door

"We would be delighted if you'd pay your bill.
However, if you don't, you will be."
-sign at an electric company (i had to read this one a couple of times before I got it....LOL)

"FOR SALE: R.D. Jones has one sewing machine for sale. Phone 555-0707 after 7pm and ask for Mrs. Kelly who lives with him cheap."

"NOTICE: We regret having erred in R.D. Jones's ad yesterday. It should have read: One sewing machine for sale. Cheap. Phone 555-0707 and ask for Mrs. Kelly who lives with him after 7pm."

"NOTICE: R.D. Jones has informed us that he has received several annoying telephone calls because of the error we made in his classified ad yesterday. His ad stands corrected as follows: R.D. Jones has one sewing machine for sale. Cheap. Phone 555-0707 and ask Mrs. Kelly who loves with him."

"NOTICE: I, R.D. Jones, have NO sewing machine for sale. I smashed it. Don't call 555-0707, as the telephone has been disconnected. I have not been carrying on with Mrs. Kelly. Until yesterday she was my housekeeper, but she quit."


Have a great day!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I hate titles

I sit for like 15 minutes before every post trying to think of what to title it. LOL. Okay maybe not 15 minutes but it's still definitely a block. Maybe I should start titling it after I finish the post...but then I forget....oh well.

Grandmas House

Anyways, I took this picture of a painting at my mom's house today. It's a picture that my dad's mom painted of my mom's mom's house. So one of my grandma's painted my other grandma's house. LOL. That's my mom working in the garden to the side. This was painted in 1980 and I wasn't even around yet, but the place pretty much still looked like this when I came in the picture. That house isn't in the family anymore, but it sure holds lots of memories! And I can only imagine what kind of memories it has for my mom and her siblings since they were part of it's history for a lot longer than I was. *grin*

Today (the part of the day before the part where I took a picture of that painting), KC and I went up to Asheville with his parents and did a little shopping and ate at Frank's Pizza up there. Its like tradition now...if ya go to Asheville, ya gotta eat at Frank's! LOL. It IS pretty good though! Anywho, we picked up a fire extinguisher that we have to have before the fire inspection among other things. Now I just have to doublecheck the paperwork and make sure that it fits the specifications.

In one way, I'm so excited I wish we were already licensed and then again, I'm thinking...OH MY. We have so much to do, can we handle this? Its like getting ready to jump out of a plane and wondering if your parachute is going to work or if you'll survive the jump. LOL....not that I would know what that was like. *GRIN* Thats another thing on my list of things I've never tried. Don't plan to anytime soon either. =)

So here's what I'm wondering....the soonest I could get in to get the physical was on the Monday after the home visit....and I'm going to schedule the TB test in the same appointment. So do you get the TB results instantly (or at least in the same day) or should I try to get the TB test done this week so I'll have the results by the time I get the physical so the Dr. can fill out all the paperwork then? I'll probably call Monday to find out. I just thought I'd ask since I got an unexpected answer on the GAL issue and thought maybe I'd get one on this too. *grin* By the way, thanks for that comment, Jim, I'll have to check out that link you left. =)

Anyways, talking about Frank's pizza....I'm getting hungry...its almost 9:30 and Franks was the last thing I ate and that was at 12:30....LOL.

Off to make my tummy happy....

Friday, October 27, 2006

Its another TGIF day!

Only 1 hour and 1 minute until 5 oclock! Yay! Now if I can just get the rest of this stack of work on my desk done before that quitting moment then I'll be doing good! Make that GREAT! *smiles*

In the foster parent news...last night was the LAST class. *sigh* It was the best class of all of them I think and it makes me sad that its over....I was starting to like them....except for those kinda strange folks....and the homework of course.

Last night was panel night, where a bunch of people that are involved in the process come in and talk about their experiences and you can ask questions if you have any. There was a Guardian Ad Litem (who is a court appointed investigator to be a second opinion on the childs situation...basically....or something like that), the Social Services lawyer, a foster mom, and a foster mom and dad that have already adopted two out of the system and are also fostering. It was really interesting, especially hearing the foster parents talk about their experiences and answering questions that the class had. The GAL and the lawyer were interesting, but they were just talking about the court process, and at least to me, the foster parents are more on the "front lines" in dealing with the kids. Some of the stories...i mean, WOW. KC and I were both totally excited when we left.

According to what we learned last night, we're looking at about a month after our paperwork is sent in to be approved and licensed. And hopefully our paperwork will be sent in not long after our home visit, which is next Friday. The fire inspection is also next Friday and we still have to do our physicals/TB tests and get updated rabies vaccinations on our cats, once all that is done, they can send our paperwork to Raleigh. Sheesh, its a major process! I'm kinda glad we'll have a month before we're licensed though so we can get the house ready.....we definitely need to do some re-organizing and rearranging of stuff. There's still a lot to do, but 30 hours of MAPP training are behind us....+ all that homework, so maybe the rest will be smooth sailing. *grin* One can only hope.

Here's the random for today....that last sentence of that last paragraph....every time I hear a sentence using "one" as the subject of a reminds me of that Robot movie with Robin Williams in it. Remember that really sad movie I talked about awhile back? Yeah....he always referred to himself as One. "One is happy to be of service, little miss." Crazy. Random. That would be me! LOL.

Oh one other strange thing....our psychological exam came back normal....everyone in the class passed, including me. I'm NORMAL! WhoA! I told KC later...ya know, looking at those people in the class with us....if mine had been the only one to not pass, I would have DIED! Somehow, I wonder if they were legitimate, b/c some of those people don't seem like they'd have been able to pass as normal. LOL. Yeah, yeah, myself included. BWAHAHAHAH!

Okay, nuff rambling.
Later, ya'll!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #5

This one is gonna be un-official since its more of a personal list than anything. PS....KC: hint,hint!

1. Backdrop holder for my photography thing
2. My Creative Companion 2 (to go with the volume 1 that I've already got...on my shelf to do something with once I have time to scrapbook again)
3. Digital Scrapbooking 5 (this is a really cool book on my latest scrap addiction)
4. Bumble Bee Crib Set for the kids bedroom of the kids we don't have yet....this set is SOO cute and it could be a boy OR a girl, so it would work no matter which one comes our way.....once we get licensed anyways!
5. Um...don't remember what this link is for, but I think its for paper....i love scrapbook paper!
6. More paper (did i mention i LOVE scrapbook paper?...LOL)
7. Chipboard (this stuff is almost cooler than paper!)
8. a Graphire Tablet for the computer. I am totally not sure what this would be like, but it looks and sounds really cool and I have noticed several bloggers mentioning it, so it must be cool! LOL (oh yeah and expensive, too....don't worry honey, its just a wish list, I'm not that unrealistic. LOL)
9.....oops....out of time....later!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The week is like half over already! YOW!

Last night's class was interesting. Remember the grandparent and GREAT grandparent thing I told you about from the first class? Well....GREAT grand-dad the last couple of classes somehow got his talker turned on and I sure would like to figure out what happened b/c he seemed a lot more normal when he didn't say anything. Just goes to prove that one quote about "It's better to remain silent and look like a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt" (or something like that)...anyways, its true.

It was a "put people on the spot by asking specific people tough questions" class and this one guy (one of the normal people...LOL) was asked what he would do if he had a foster child in his home and his mother couldn't STAND the child at all, and it wasn't the child's fault. How would he handle it. So he's in the process of answering the question and mentioned that he had a lot of patience b/c he coached kids. So that great granddad fella breaks in here and says that he helped in cub scouts and the other leader wanted to lecture the kids for an hour and you have realize that kids attention span isn't that long and you gotta let the kids burn off some energy and he tried to tell the other guy that and he wouldn't listen so he quit and not long after that, cub scouts fell apart. KC and I looked at each other like....HUH? What does that have to do with anything? And it took him at least 5 minutes to say all that. Strange dude.

Oh the other thing about class, I had turned in all our homework...YAY! And then they announce that in three of the profiles (the general family profile, the prospective father profile, and the prospective mother profile) half the pages weren't in there b/c the person who copied forgot to copy fronts AND backs. SO. They handed those profiles back with the extra pages to fill out....and we still have homework to get done after all! MAN! I was so bummed. I was so excited to be done with all that paperwork and then WHAM! Sure busted my bubble!

CV and I were talking on our way home Monday about the quirky little things people do without realizing it. It started when she asked me if I realized that anytime I finish a phone conversation I say "mmm, bye." ROFL! I TOTALLY didn't know I did that. But I'm sure I do, b/c when she said that, I knew exactly where that came from...yes, I'm talkin about you, mom! Thanks a lot, mother!! LOL. Actually, I think at least one of my aunts and maybe even both of my mom's sisters do that, maybe its a family quirk. But isn't that just strange? And I never realized I did it! Funny!

Well, thats all the random for today. Need to get some things done, so catcha....


Monday, October 23, 2006


Just looked at the clock and flipped out....where has today gone? OY!

In today's news....I don't think my banged up car door and flat tire was vandalism after all. Why? Well....glad you asked. (LOL)

Ever since that incident, that tire keeps going flat. Yeah, so I'm thinking Walmart must not have known what they were talking about, or something. So I take it down to a tire shop down the road and have them look at it to see if they find anything. Yep, I stand there and watch him run it through the water and mark a circle on it, stick it on the whatever that thing is called and stick a light on it. Shore nuff...that's a leetle bitty hole in there. So. He smears some kinda patch stuff on it and puts the tire back together, inflates it and all and sticks it back on....and charges me $12.50. Yeah, for the tires that are still under warranty at Walmart only they didn't find any holes. Hmmmmm.

So I get in the car and haul my little self over to Walmart. Hey...never hurts to ASK, right? I walk in, ask them if flat tires are covered in my tire warranty and they say yes. So I'm like, okay well here's the deal. I came in here not quite two weeks ago cuz my tire had gone flat and you guys looked at it and couldn't find anything wrong, but its still been going flat since then, so I just took it over to this place and they fixed the hole in the tire and I was wondering if it would be possible if I could get reimbursed for this...and I hand them the receipt. And I said all that VERY nicely, I was not even in the least bit ugly about it.

{missing part of the story pertaining to the idiotic male species moved to Private Insanity}

Okay anyways, guy vent over....the guy came back with my money and the guy that didn't find the hole and I did feel kinda bad cuz he got raked over the coals...oh well. Gotta stop the "feeling bad" thing....

Oh well. Thats my story for the day. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday (or at least as much as a Monday can be good...LOL). I need to catch up on my blog reading soon, but work is too busy right now. So ya'll, I'll catch up with ya....



This is what I did on Saturday....I was pretty happy cuz I got the house cleaned, the laundry half done, this photo session done and still got to go to the scrappin party in Drexel by noon! Yay for me. *grin* And it only took about 2 hours work outside of the actual shoot to get ready and finish the pictures. Double yay! So Saturday was good.


You can see more of these pictures on my photography blog and click on the Family & Couples page.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Yay! Friday!

But do I have a free weekend? Goodness, no. Too much to do. So what else is new? Hey that kinda rhymed.

Well anyways...I have to just say this up front...I have been told that I'm in rare form seems that I can't control the sarcastic humor from rolling off my tongue....but that doesn't make me mean and that's not necessarily "BAD!" Okay...just had to defend myself a little. *GRIN*

Lot of stuff that I haven't had a chance to blog about.

{story on the idiotic male species moved to Private Insanity}

Well, thats it for the latest happenings in my life right now, but there are some other things running through my head that I could blog about. Unfortunately, as is my recurring problem, I don't have time right now.

So....more to come.....


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Moments That Suggest A Brunette Should Have Been Born Blonde
(All in good offense intended to the true blondes out there...LOL)
1. Opening a bottle of a liquid substance, putting it up to your nose, and squeezing it to get the smell to blow out.
2. Repeating dumb move #1 right after you have cleaned off your face.
3. Putting a quarter in one of those air machines at gas stations and when it doesn't make any noise, assuming it's a new "silent" version, go ahead and start attempting to put air in the tires....then the guy walks over and picks up the plug which is laying on the ground and plugs it in for you.
4. Backing out of the garage without taking the time to look for other vehicles in the drive.
5. Gushing over a baby of either gender and referring to it as the opposite front of the parents.
6. Letting a super energetic kid that spends the night at your house drink caffeine before bed.
7. Letting said hyperactive kid sleep in your bed with you.
8. Wearing flip flops and short sleeves on a cold, rainy day b/c you forgot to check the weather.
9. Telling people that know you in person about your blog so that you have to write everything in code. Nuff said.
10. Forgetting to write something in "code" and the person you wrote about reads it.
11. Repeating dumb move #9 when you really do know what that will mean.
12. Laughing when someone cracks on you b/c its funny but then you realize that they were cracking on you.
13. Realizing that you do so many stupid things on a regular basis that your "easy" button should really say "DUH" instead of "easy"
Yep, some days I should just dye my hair the color my brain thinks it is. LOL. Kidding really....the hair color has nothing to do with any of it, I'm just really good at doing dumb stuff. Oh well....least I can laugh about it! *grin*
Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away....

There are some days that are only good for crawling back into bed and pulling the covers up over your head. This is one of them.

Not only is the rain making it extremely difficult to keep my eyes open, but I think the dampness has affected our computers and server. CV's receipts goofed up awhile ago and printed some strange, kooky error message from outer space for no reason at all, and when we tried to go back in and fix it, the records are not found and we still have no receipts. In case you haven't figured it out already, that is NOT a good thing. Receipts are sorta one of those necessary, un-skippable things in life and I don't feel like going back to the good ol days of handwriting them since there was around 60 in that batch. Yeah. It gives me writers cramp thinking about it. Ow...

And I need to leave early to go to class on top of that, so I hope we get this figured out soon. Speaking of class, we got a huge section of the homework done last night....the life story. Its not easy to write your life history as a couple and including life before marriage into 3 pages. And that was just ONE huge section of the homework...we were tired of doing homework by the time we finished that, so the rest of it will have to be another night. Or another COUPLE of nights. Unreal...!

*Sidenote here to Denise* The class is a foster-parenting class, 10-3 hour classes over a 5 week period and then a final exam to become a licensed foster home. I did see your comment, but I kept forgetting to answer your question. Sorry bout that. know how I am with remembering things (or more accurately: forgetting things...haha).

Anyways, okay the receipts are FIXED! Thank GOD. Poor CV....that batch of receipts took more work that 50 normal batches. Bless her heart. LOL....and mine, too, since mom and I were the ones that had to use way too much brainpower to figure out how to fix it. ARGH.

I'm gone now. I have to get my work finished so I can leave early and get to class in time. I'm really looking forward to it since the teacher is going to be bringing a few extra pages of homework that got missed the first time. *SIGH* I'm really not bitter. I'll just feel much better once I get all those forms filled out.

Random thought of the day: these dove promises are getting weirder all the time....I'm thinking they're getting a little "bad"! Today's Dove Promise: "Temptation is fun. Giving in is even better." WHAT? Okay....we're not going there.

LOL...have a wonderfully insane know I will be!